Felix's Falcons V1.0

Hey guys, Whatsup? it's kyrokorn213! I'm going to make a mod called "Felix's Falcons" It's basically going to add Befriendable/Trainable falcons, and we're going to use advice from a real Falconer.... So the "Mob" Will basically add a new never before seen system that adds Falcons that you can tame and build trust.. You have to keep it locked up for weeks and tame it slowly.. But We're not going to release too many details.. But expect it done in at least two months!! but here's a list of items it'll add.

Falconry Glove
Falcon Cage
Falcon Hood
Falcon Harness
Falcon Claws (Diamond, Gold, Iron, Etc.)
Falcon Weighing Machine
Department of Fish and game manual (Kind've a guide on basic falconry)
Advanced Falconry manual (Teaches you how to get advanced falcons/eagles/hawks)

Redtail Falcon
Gauss Hawk
Bald Eagle
Golden Eagle
Bone Hawks?

A new dimension possibly?
Mabye like a Outback dimension?

New armor?
Bone Hawk Amulet
Talon Arrows

New Enchantments for Falcon Talon upgrades:
Concussion (Knocks prey out instead)
Grab (can grab items?)

New Mob Behavior:
Birds can go and grab mobs/items off the floor
Calling whistles
Falcon Whistle

But.. I'm open to suggestions
Really. Give it a diamond. Trust me, It'll be done in 2-3 Months tops.

Peace off!

Doodoodoodoo DIAMONDS :D

Follow me on Twitter for important updates on the mod: https://twitter.com/Dawson_Skissors
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Felix's Falcons V1.0 Screenshots


Felix's Falcons V1.0
Felix's Falcons V1.0
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