Floating Island Deathmatch

The Ruins of Aegis LAN Deathmatch is now open!

Hardcore Deathmatch on the island, last man standing of 8 wins!

  • No fighting/breaking blocks or buttons in the lobby
  • Choose and carry the material for only ONE class
  • Be quick about class selection
  • Camping a singular location is frowned upon, stay mobile!
  • Wear the armor given to you, to prevent class confusion

  • Fighter - heavily armored, hits with Diamond sword
  • Ranger - Relies on an Infinity Bow
  • Chemist - Potions of Night Vision & Regen, Splash of Slowing & Harming. And a single Extended Poison Potion.
  • Ninja - Mobility based (ender pearls and swiftness potions). Kills with knockback and fire aspect alone.
Made by me and a friend in a 24 hour span, in between college classes and homework. Everything Pre-match is controlled with redstone. Only one person can be in the class selection room at a time, and a spawn location locks out once it is chosen. The spawn doors open at the crack of dawn. There are LOTS of ways to fall into void and die (largely for the ninja), so be careful. There are a few secrets around, but nothing more dangerous than timing switches. When the game is over, just delete the world, and re-extract to play again!

Additional Notes

Open the LAN to adventure mode, Cheats OFF. The host get cheats in case of technical problems, so no cheating!

Floating Island Deathmatch Screenshots

Floating Island Deathmatch
Floating Island Deathmatch
Floating Island Deathmatch
Floating Island Deathmatch


Floating Island Deathmatch
Floating Island Deathmatch
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