ISA cruiser -killzone

1:3 reproduction of an ISA cruiser (on killzone), i've tried to make them the more realist as possible, but it may contains several differences due to the height limits ( normal scale is 700m ) and they've  impressive details.

"ISA Cruisers are the most advanced ships in the ISA Navy Fleet,
Measuring 700 meters in height, each ISA Cruiser can hold a complement of 7500, including 5000 soldiers, 500 pilots, 1800 support crew, and 200 officers. Propelled by nuclear-powered beam thrusters that double as weapons, Cruisers provide the ISA with the persuasive force it requires to keep rebelling planets in line. In addition, it can store up to 160 Intruder-type landing craft and 30,000 metric tons of ammunition for the ship's main defense cannons . They can change their positioning in-flight from combat operations in space to acting as on-station support in atmospheric conditions."

The pack contains three version of this ship:

- Siege mode V1 - vertical - more or less 250c
- Siege mode V2 - vertical - down to 170c
- flight mode  V1 - horizontal - 256c

there are, for the moment no interior and no weapon ( i continute this with my other project, Unity, this spaceport and the PCS or Perfect City Support)

ISA cruiser -killzone Screenshots

ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone


ISA cruiser -killzone
ISA cruiser -killzone

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