[ISS] International Steve Station

ISS: International Steve Station

The ISS [Or IST] was an idea created by, yours truly, steve. He did not want to stay there on Earth! He decided to brake the sky limit.. and he succeeded. Not being an idle-like man, he sprung into action. Expanded, hired workers, built a rocket.. This is no ordinary space station..

This is an expansion of The Earth
It had a stabilizer, that used the Earth's atmosphere. That was the genius.

Now don't get me wrong, it went very far out of the reach of the atmosphere. He discovered you didn't need the whole thing in it, if the pull is strong enough.

Enough Talk about How He Built it,
Game play

On the space station there will be aplenty things to do, including learning in a space school, experimenting in a lab, working on ship repairs, sleeping, quests, and more!

Texture Pack

The Texture Pack is an IMPORTANT part of this map. It is included in the download. Make sure you use it! Otherwise, this map would be a joke.

If you want to download it yourself, go here:

VoxelBox Download Page

Make sure you download the "Deep Space" Pack.

Side Notes

We hope all our subscribers, fans, and even new people have fun! I know I have had a lot of fun building this! Please, if you liked it, give a Diamond, It really shows our builds are considered fun, and it encourages us.

Problems? Questions? Put those down in the comments, but here is our license

By downloading this place you agree to our terms.

You May NOT
Copy this build
Copying the idea is not acceptable
(You may copy the idea of a spacestation, just not ISS)
Copy this build, Expand it, then post it, without the authors permission

You May
Work upon this build, as long as you don't post the revised one
(Without Permission)

Additional Notes

Players: 1-4

Gamemode: Peaceful for now!

Completion: Virtually Done

Diamonds: Appreciated

[ISS] International Steve Station Screenshots

[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station


[ISS] International Steve Station
[ISS] International Steve Station
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