Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition

About Jakob's KitPvP:
This map was released on Realms for Minecraft: Java Edition on the 27th of January, 2023. A fresh take on a classic genre. Select a kit and fight your friends in the arena. With custom terrain and more than 30 kits, this map delivers a great PvP experience.

- 32 unique kits
- Detailed descriptions of every kit
- Market feature that allows you to unlock kits after making kills
- Tracking and easy view of personal statistics
- An easy-to-follow, interactive tutorial to get you started
- Killstreak tracking
- Several custom abilities
- Eight cosmetic ranks unlocked through kills
- Custom terrain, buildings and trees
- A lovely Main Lobby, a grand Kit Selection Area and a beautiful Market
- No pay-to-win - everything is unlocked through gameplay
- The ability for server operators to unlock everything for everyone - see the lectern in the Main Lobby
- Definitely no easter eggs

Rules & Recommendations:
A good PvP experience means different things to different people. For this reason, feel free to adapt these rules to your personal preferences. That being said, though, if you run any commands or similar, the map is at risk of breaking. No guarantees.

- Do not use any hacked clients.
- Do not abuse any bugs.
- Do not log out in combat.
- Do not run any commands.
- Feel free to team and camp.

Recommended settings:
The following settings will make the most out of the map:

- Minecraft version: 1.19.3
- Player count: 2+ (you can't play PvP alone)
- Render distance: 8-20 (the higher the better, especially for ranged classes, but anything is technically possible)
- Smooth lighting: Maximum
- Brightness: Bright

If you make a YouTube video or similar from this map, leaving a link to this page and crediting appropriately in the video is greatly appreciated. DO NOT pretend like this map was your own work.

Main credits:
- Map creator: Jakobrigtrup. This includes terrain, buildings and commands.
- Playtesting: The Elkia Community
- In the making of the map, Jakobrigtrup used WorldPainter brushes published on PlanetMinecraft by TylerTimoJ.

Please see the credits book in the main lobby for additional credits (external programmes and online generators).
A Final Comment:
Thank you for reading through the description of the overhauled version of this map. Jakob's KitPvP is the first map I've ever published, and I'm over the moon about how many people have downloaded and played it. It's been a couple of years since the first installment, but I've always wanted to give it an overhaul - and here it is. I've changed some of the things that I and others weren't so fond of, and I've added a tonne of new features in addition to updating the map to Minecraft version 1.18.

Please let me know in the comments or on Reddit (see link above) if you have any feedback or if you've found an unexpected bug! It's greatly appreciated, and I'll do my very best to fix any issues!

Other than that, there's only one thing left to say: Whether you've just stumbled upon this map for the first time, or you've played the original version, I sincerely hope you'll enjoy it! Have fun, and best of luck in the arena!

Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition Screenshots

Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition


Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition
Jakob's KitPvP - Realms Edition

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