!Minecraft 1.8+ Required for everything to work properly!  
Installation Directions  
(1.) Click the green download button on the download link here.  
(2.) Wait for download (should be fast).  
(3.) Open the file and put the "ModernHouse" file folder in your minecraft world saves folder.  

Directions on how to get to your world saves folder (Microsoft Windows) 
(1.) Hold the windows key+R at the same time 
(2.) In the box at the lower left corner of your screen type "%appdata% and hit enter  
(3.) In the new window double click on the ".minecraft" folder  
(4.) In the ".minecraft" folder double click the "saves" folder 
Directions on how to put the files into minecraft (Apple Mac) 
(1.) Copy the folder off your desktop (Copy the folder one directory above data and session.lock. For example, if my data folder and session.lock file are located in your_save next to Mac OS X under your_save_multi.RAR, I would copy the your_save folder.
(2.) Open the Minecraft Roaming folder by pressing ⊞ Windows and typing %appdata% , then select the file .minecraft , then select saves . You're at your Minecraft saves folder, and you'll notice all your worlds are here, too.
(3.) Paste the folder (CTRL + V) into the saves folder
(4.) Open the new folder and check to make sure it has these folders in it, all right under "your_save."
  • data
  • DIM-1
  • DIM1
  • players
  • region
  • level.dat
  • levl.dat_mcr
  • level.dat_old
  • session.lock
(5.) Once they're all there, close .minecraft and launch the actual game
This house looks great with the FlowsHD Resource Pack here and
the Shaders Mod by Karyonix' here
Here is a bunch af Shaderpacks for the Shaders Mod. 
Here is Optifine to boost your FPS.
100% Complete

ModernHouseOne|Unfurnished Screenshots




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