Parkour Pyramid Mini

The legendary Parkour Pyramid, by Hielke Maps, is one of the largest Parkour Maps ever built in Minecraft. It’s sheer size and quality is the work of years of Parkour building. Now, a miniature challenge arises, if you are up for the challenge

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Map By: Teddyishappyl

Assistant Builders: ___Artem__, Sk0ck0, dasdron, dying_ember

Playtesters: EELAA, Lazybrush2, Bindabash79, MurpleDurple52, ItsPungpond98, usa728816, ishaq6, UrFriendThunder

Parkour Pyramid Mini Screenshots

Parkour Pyramid Mini
Parkour Pyramid Mini
Parkour Pyramid Mini
Parkour Pyramid Mini


Parkour Pyramid Mini
Parkour Pyramid Mini

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