piston elevator

An elevator powered by pistons! basically the same thing as my piston monorail, only vertical. Never will you have to walk up boring staircases again in minecraft!

Please read these notes before downloading this!

The schematic contains 3 parts, the departure section, a mid section and an arrival section, divided by layers of clay. Remove the clay first, then put the departure section somewhere, copy the mid section on top of that as much as you like, then put the top on.
it might also be usefull to put some water at the bottom, so you can jump down again.

there are signs in the bottom section showing where you have to place the pistons, place any movable block on top of those and press the button. Make sure your remove them again when you reach the top, or the next player might be crushed!
If it's a long way up two players can use the lift at the same time.

piston elevator Screenshots

piston elevator
piston elevator
piston elevator
piston elevator
piston elevator


piston elevator
piston elevator
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