Hey guys, if you play TF2, you may know what the "pl" means. Otherwise, it means payload! Now, this isn't an official map or anything that's DLC for TF2, but this is just something I put together, and got.

Now, this map features a device which triggers lamps(VERY noticeable) to where you are. There are 3 checkpoints(although the minecart can still be pushed back a checkpoint) in the entire map. And the Ending is a little surprising, but otherwise, expected if you have played TF2. Now, I can tell you right now it was a pain to find out a way to keep the checkpoint lights lit, and still keep it very compact so nothing interferes with each other, while the minecart can go ahead without the lamp turning off. Now, if playing on a server with this (pfft, as if. =P), I recommend to keep it at 1.2.5 and have the following plugins/mods/etc.:

WorldEdit - To use /keepitems to keep your items on death, or to use /home or /warp or /tp to go back to your spawn.

A good amount of RAM to keep the server going (No, the end will not crash your server UNLESS you have the crappiest amount of RAM in existence).

A Spectator to keep the rules being kept into order and/or to fix something or to reset a checkpoint lamp.
(To reset it, replace the circled redstone on the slide with the redstone.)

And at least 2 people on a team to at least keep it fun.

PS. There is a system that opens the doors once both teams are ready to keep the odds fair! :)

Additional Notes

Also, If you wonder what texturepack was used during the screenshots, you can find it here!
It is 32x, so I'd recommend a Patcher.

And one last note: I am currently working with a friend on this server on a mod called TeamCraft2(MineFortress has already been taken), which will have all the TF2 stuff, and I am planning on making an alternative map to add it into the gameplay, but I'm doing the textures, check out the sprites so far(yes, I realize the syringe gun looks bad, but it's too much detail for 128 pixels)!

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