[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download

MY Minecraft PS3 & PS4 Minigames Map V6.0!

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Right so i have started this topic to show what i have created and worked on.

It is a Mini Games map on the PS3 & PS4.

At the moment I have 25 minigames on it:

Version 1:

1)CTT (Capture The Tower)

2)TNT Run

3)Mob Arena

4)The Walls

5)Skyblock Warriors

6) Spleef

7) Hot Foot And Hot Foot X

8) King Of The Ladder

Version 2:

9) BomberMan

10) PacMan

11) Towers

Version 3:

12) "Circle" Spleef

13) Vertical Survival Games

14) "15 Layer" Spleef

15) Kerplunk

16) Cops and Robbers

17) Connect 4

Version 4:

18) Bow Spleef

19) The Bridges

Version 5:

20) Rainbow Tower by: dpt8544skittles

21) Run From The Beast: Forgotten Darkness by: Toad180

22) Biomes parkour by: UnrealEllement

Version 6:

23) "Small" Arena

24) "Medium" Arena

25) Tower Control

I am constantly working on it, but for now i have ran out of ideas on what to build.
If you have any suggestions, post them down bellow. if its possible, ill make it.

If i make anything else, i won't make a new post on it. i will just update this post, so be sure to come back to this page now and then to see if anything has happened.

The download link on this page contains all versions of my map, this means it contains
-Digital US
-Digital EU
-Disc US
-Disc EU

To get this map on PS4, you must use the PS3's "Save Transfer" feature. There is currently no way of
directly transferring maps onto a PS4

PS: There is only 2 types of minecraft saves, US and EU. so lets say you come from Australia, there is no such thing as an AU file, you would just use the EU file. Have fun :)

Version 6 Changelog:

+Added new PVP area:
+Added "Small Arena"
+Added "Medium Arena"
+Added "Tower Control"
+Added proper timer to "Hotfoot and Hotfoot X"
(Fire charges will now fire automatically)

To mods, admins and anyone else:
If i'm not allowed to post downloads on the PS3 edition, then let me know. Don't give me an infraction, I read the rules and stuff and there is nothing there (That I read) saying that i cant post this. Over at "Minecraft forums" I got an infraction for posting a download. So if there is any problem, let me now and I'll take it down, Please don't do that for me.

[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download Screenshots

[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download
[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download
[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download


[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download
[PS3 & PS4] MINIGAMES MAP! V6.0 + Download

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