Redstone Schmitt Trigger

This small yet versatile component can be useful for many mapmakers and redstoners!

The basic principle is simple. You set a rising and falling trigger level, if your input surpasses the rising trigger level and continues to climb, the output is set to 15. However, if the input falls below the falling trigger level and continues to fall, the output is reset to 0.

The Rising Trigger Level (RTL) is basically equal to your rising level (i.e. if the redstone value = 13, the RTL = 13)

However, The Falling Trigger Level (FTL) Is equal to the redstone Input minus the difference of 15 - RTL (i.e. if the redstone value = 12 and RTL still = 13, then 15-13=2, 12-2=10. FTL = 10)

I have no world download... but I do have a schematic up and ready to go! It will be connected to the wave generator and various scopes... just look for the block, repeater, and 3 comparators you see in the video!



Redstone Schmitt Trigger Screenshots


Redstone Schmitt Trigger
Redstone Schmitt Trigger

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