S.S. Ushakov 1904

After her sold to the Russian Navy for their war against Japan at the beginning of 1904, they began to convert the S.S. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart into an mobile troop barrack for officers and infantery soldiers wo get stationed temporarely in a port. She was renamend to S.S. Ushakov in honour of the famous russian navy admiral Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov. She took part in the ongoing Russian-Japanese-War from 1904 to 1905 and was stationed in several ports to fulfill her duty. After Russia lost the war she got sold in 1906 to the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique.

For her duty as a mobile troop barrack the Ushakov was using the same 1. and 2. Class facilities as in her former life as passanger vessel. To accomodate all the soldiers in the bow section, the steerage class was completely retrofitted to accomodate private rooms, a complete mess hall and even two sickbays with operation tables. Several life boats and life rafts were added to her boat deck while she was armed with 7 defense guns on deck. She lost her middle mast and between the remaining two the antena for a wirles telegraphing system was installed.


This is a full explorable, interior included, custom ship which was totaly
developed by myself and shouldn´t be copied or reloaded without my

It is a modified and updated version of the S.S. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1892 version to fit into her new role as a Russian Navy mobile officers & troop barrack.

The ships signs are all written in russian letters.

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S.S. Ushakov 1904
S.S. Ushakov 1904
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