Team War: Ocean

Team War: Ocean is simple and you can play how ever you want. The goal is to steal wool from the opposing team and return it to your base. The teams are made of 6 warriors and 4 archers but you can do any combo you want with however many players you want as long as there are 2. Warriors have a stone sword and armor with an armor rating of 3 1/2. Archers have wooden swords, armor with an armor rating of 3 1/2, 32 arrows, and a bow. The archers can go on top of the base and snipe player and there are chests on top with extra gear.

If there is anything I forgot, did wrong, you didn't like, or you would like to recommend please comment.

Good Luck!

Additional Notes

There are 5 hidden places in the map so keep an eye out.

There are some things that I changed after making the pics. They are not major. Only some block on the outsides of the bases to make it easier to get into, and adding an red stone system with the wool.

By the way sorry that I made the islands slightly off. If anyone comments that they want that to change I will change it.


Team War: Ocean
Team War: Ocean
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