The trials parkour adventure

You wake up, surrounded by a jungle and and a gravel path. "What is this place?" you ask. Then, a blank sign in front of you flashes to life, as do many others. It seems you have been selected for testing, whcih may be why you cant remember anything. You decide to follow the path, a path which only goes one way...

Additional Notes

no cheats
no creative
no breaking blocks unless signs say otherwise
no crafting, only use items found in chests
keep on easy difficulty or higher
follow signs directions
run swiftly over pressure plates in halls for maximum enjoyment
use beds to set home
you can break chests and take them with you if you wish
once you finish a stage, you will be rewarded
all ores mined throughout the course amount to bonus points
have fun
I plan to add 2-3 more stages, and perhaps more rewards. This is not just a parkour. There is also intense mob combat, in the second stage. There shall be more challenges, more stages, soon to come. If you like it, diamond, subscribe, and comment. If you see something that could use changing, tell me. If you download, I would like that you tell me if you liked it, but you don't have to.

good luck!


The trials parkour adventure
The trials parkour adventure
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