RedMods The User-Friendly Redstone Extention

What does it do??

RedMods allows you to Place Blocks, Spawn Creatures, Change The Time, Make Explosions, and Remove Blocks


  1. Place a sign
  2. On the First line put [RedMods] (not case sensative)
  3. On the Second line put the Command (always in [] )
  4. Power With Redstone


  1. Line 2:[Stone], Line 3: Change in Y, works with minus numbers as well. e.g. -12
  2. Line 2:[(MobName, e.g. "Cow")]
  3. Line 2:[SensorTime]
  4. Line 2:[RemoveDrops]
  5. Line 2:[Strike]
  6. Line 2:[TNT]
  7. Line 2:[Thunder]
  8. Line 2:[Sun]
  9. Line 2:[Rain]
  10. Line 2:[Night]
  11. Line 2:[Day]
  12. Line 2:[Destroy], Line 3: Change in Y, works with minus numbers as well. e.g. -12

What do they do?

  1. [Strike] Strikes lighting
  2. [Stone] Places stone. Other blocks coming soon dont worry
  3. [(Mob Name)] is used like [Zombie] and spawns a the mob, aka zombie.
  4. [Sun] or [Clear] Makes it sunny and get rid of rain
  5. [Day] and [Night] change the time
  6. [Thunder] enables thunder if it is raining
  7. [Destroy] sets the block too air. (will drop a drop soon)
  8. [Tnt] or [boom] Explodes
  9. [Drops] or [RemoveDrops] Removes all drops on the map. (will add a radius soon)
This plugin is still in no way done but does not have any bugs that may affect your server!

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
[RedMods] v1.3 B CB 1317 930 19/10/2011
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