SignalAce's PvP Arena 1

Once you start, choose a team and drop into the category of the "class" you want to play as (mage, melee fighter, melee tank, ranged, or construction) and as soon as everyone is in place, a moderator should step on the switches in the little room above the team selection area. This will unlock everything and everyone should run down the corridor to begin the match.

There's a healer in the middle, which is why your team has been provided with 50 silver coins in the cube box that should be evenly distributed. If your designated team leader is a jerk and doesn't split up the heal-money evenly, just wait til nightfall. There will be plenty of monsters to kill. Failing that, kill an enemy and get some coin off of him.

It is recommended that everyone start new characters for this on medium or hardcore difficulty (no softcore because if the flag carrier dies with the enemy flag, then they'll just respawn in their own base) and also go to another world and dump all of their items (the only building tools allowed are provided in the construction class).

Pics have arrived.

        - 5 health potions
        - Crystal Storm, Water Bolt, Cursed Flames, and Demon Scythe
        - 25 Mana potions
        - 10 Mana stars
        - 3 health crystals
        - Full mithril mage armor
        - 1000 cursed arrows
        - 5 health crystals
        - Mithril repeater and full mithril ranged armor
    Sword DPS
        - Mithril sword and melee armor
        - 7 health crystals
    Spear DPS
        - Mithril halberd and melee armor
        - 7 health crystals
        - Cobalt Chainsaw and 250 wood for building and destroying barricades
        - Molten armor (not meant for fighting, but basic defense is reasonable)
        - 5 health crystals
    Heavy Armor
        - 10 heath crystals
        - 5 extra health potions (10 total)
        - Savage Silver Broadsword (heavies are for defense, not offense)
        - Hallowed melee set

- SignalAce


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
The Map R - 1,998 27/04/2013
SignalAce's PvP Arena 1
SignalAce's PvP Arena 1

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