Simple Vote Kick

Comes with an open and close button. When player clicks open button, picks each player in active players and creates a list displaying each players name in their team color and adjusts to the proper Y dimension of the dialog. This means that even if a player has left, it will be updated. It is ready for 15 players but will work even with 4 player... 3 players would need to vote for 1 player to leave. This voting system is designed to allow for kicking without just allowing half of the players in a game(Team A) to kick the other half of the players (Team B). It will Kick someone after half of the players have voted for the same player +1. Once a player is picked, if there is NOT enough votes, a Text message is displayed showing how many more votes are needed to kick that player, WITHOUT showing who voted for for the kick. Once enough votes is collected, "Joe Smith has been Kicked!" and a sound will play.

Comes with a place to put your player handle allowing you to make an executive decision. If you put your handle here, your vote will kick someone while still allowing the voting process to remain normal for all other players.

PLACEMENT: Open This in the editor. Highlight/click on the "VoteKick" folder. Then ctrl+c or right click on the folder>Copy. Open your map and put the folder(and its contents) anywhere. Select location for this folder to go, ctrl+v or Right click>Paste. Any Questions or bugs Please let me know in a PM. Mentioning it here is okay but I will not receive an alert.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Triggers for VoteKick R - 246 15/04/2016
Simple Vote Kick
Simple Vote Kick

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