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Stuf is a replacement to StellarUF. Stuf has the same initial layout and feel of StellarUF, but Stuf is highly customizable.

Do not expect much since this mod's purpose is to replace the Blizzard's main unit frames, not other unit frame mods. I'll most likely deny requests to copy random features.

Noteworthy Recent Additions:

  • New for 3.3: LFG role icons and boss frames
  • Option to only show custom text on mouse-over
  • Latency indicator for player casting bar
  • Arena Frames
  • ButtonFacade support for aura icons
  • Option to use Lua instead of text patterns for advanced users
  • Option to save per character

Supported Units:

  • Player, pet, and pet target
  • Target, target of target, and target of target of target
  • Focus and target of focus
  • Party with their pets and targets
  • Arena with their pets and targets (new in v3.1.005)
  • StufRaid - main raid, raid pets, and raid roles (tanks/assist) and their target and target of target (does not and will not support oRA2/CTRA MT/PT)

Notable Features:

  • Easy transition from Blizzard default frames
  • Cast bars for the main units
  • Dispellable debuff visual
  • Target and focus timer bars for your buffs/debuffs
  • Threat bars on target and focus
  • Shaman totem timers, Death Knight rune bars, and Druid mana bar
  • Low memory and CPU usage compared to popular unit frame mods
  • Customization similar to Discord Unit Frames
  • LibSharedMedia-3.0 support for textures and fonts
  • Ace3 dialog config is used for the options GUI
  • Stuf_Range - LibRangeCheck-2.0 support for estimated distance on target and focus
  • Clique support for click-casting
  • ClassColors custom class color and ConfigMode support for one-button-config

How to Use: Basic - make sure Stuf_Options is enabled; it's required for initializing defaults and changing settings
Options menu - "/stuf" or check the Addons tab in Interface Options
Hide party in raid - Stuf obeys Blizzard's option to "Hide Party Interface in Raid"
Show/Hide elements - many are hidden/shown by setting the alpha or color alpha to zero
Slider nudging - (bug Ace3 people for a better way), I do the following: # Move your cursor over the text above the slider, a tooltip should be showing.
# Move your cursor up until the tooltip disappears.
# Left-click.
# Move your cursor back over the slider until the tooltip reappears.
# Now you can nudge using mouse wheel.
For sliders, you can also manually input values and press enter.
Many options, so I suggest checking each option one-by-one

  • Options menu - "/stufraid" or check the Addons tab in Interface Options
  • Basic - StufRaid does not require Stuf, and Stuf does not require StufRaid
  • Special text - install UTF8 to support special characters for the name text sub-string feature

Features Lacking (forever):

  • No profiles, but you can save per character. Profiles would at least double the memory usage (plus more for each profile you create) of Stuf due to its massive saved variables. Check out Reflux to add profiles options to Stuf and other mods.
  • Showing raid instead of party frames when in a party.
  • Advanced buff/debuff filtering for main units.
  • Switching frames when in vehicle
  • Full-featured casting bar (no GCD, breathe, cooldowns, etc)
  • Anything that would really kill performance and lack usefulness
  • Anything for which already has a great standalone mod

Known Issues:

  • You cannot right-click Stuf's player buff icon to cancel shape-shift forms (ie. druid forms and shadow form) since they're protected now.
  • You cannot select "Set Focus" from the right-click menu. Make a "/focus" macro instead.

Please visit here for support.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date R 8.0.1 16,549 20/07/2018 R 7.3.0 14,107 05/09/2017
v7.2.001 R 7.2.5 +4 9,200 07/05/2017
v7.1.001 R 7.1.0 13,582 10/11/2016
v7.0.003 R 7.0.3 8,877 15/09/2016
v6.2.002 R 6.2.0 13,722 24/08/2015
v6.0.001 R 6.0.2 17,740 20/10/2014
v5.4.002a R 5.4.2 16,177 15/12/2013
v5.3.001 R 5.3.0 13,161 05/06/2013
v5.2.001 R 5.2.0 8,783 10/03/2013
v5.1.001 R 5.1.0 9,779 08/12/2012
v5.0.005 R 5.0.5 10,315 30/09/2012
v5.0.003 R 5.0.4 3,879 18/09/2012
v4.3.001 R 4.3.0 42,400 29/11/2011
v4.2.001 R 4.2.0 24,722 29/06/2011
v4.1.001 R 4.1.0 22,547 26/04/2011
v4.0.009 R 4.0.6 20,474 10/02/2011
Stuf Unit Frames 7.3.2 Updating 7.3.2 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames 7.3.5 Updating 7.3.5 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames 8.1.0 Updating 8.1.0 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames 8.1.5 Updating 8.1.5 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames 8.2.0 Updating 8.2.0 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames 8.2.5 Updating 8.2.5 Updating Updating
Stuf Unit Frames
Stuf Unit Frames

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