This plugin consists of nicknaming.

Like essentials but it doesn't have the ~, and is easier to use


How it works (how to use)


With this plugin, you can simply type /nick, and then a nickname, and it sets it, 

it makes you name seem different when your mojang / minecraft name, is still the same,

all nicknames are saved on config, so, if someone has a inappropriate nickname, you may change it 

from there. You may also do /rnick, or /resetnick, and it will not delete your nickname, but

set it to exactly what your minecraft name is...


Commands and usages

/Nick <nickname>

Changes config nickname

Aliases: nickname, renick, snick



Resets nickname to minecraft validated name

Aliases: nickreset, resetnick, rsnick, snickr



Allows you to save the config for developer, admin, and shutdown usages.

Aliases: confsave, confcsave, nicksave, snickrsave, cnick, confnick, nickconf, confn, nconf




Grants all perms inside of the plugin, including admin plugins, just if you want to add all perms to a user without op.

Default : op



Allows you to use /rnick

Default: true



Allows you to use /nick

Default: true



Allows you to use /nickcsave
default: false

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Release 1.1 R 1.12 +8 43 14/09/2019
Release 1.0.0 R 1.10 +6 92 12/09/2019
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