This is a simpel TeamPVP plugin. 2 teams are fighting, Blue and Red. No stops in the game, you can always join. Join simpel with signs, and play.


  • 2 Kits: Warior | Archer
  • 2 Teams: Red | Blue
  • You can set own locations: BlueSpawn | RedSpawn
  • No stops (Always join)


This are the commands in the new version, not released yet! Use /teampvp help for command help!

  • /TeamPvp | Main command
  • /TeamPvp help | Gives you information
  • /teamPvp kits | Choose your kit! -
  • /TeamPvp setblue | Set the blue spawn. - teampvp.admin
  • /TeamPvp setred | Set the red spawn. - teampvp.admin
  • /TeamPvp setspectate | Set the spectate spawn. - teampvp.admin
  • /TeamPvp red | Join the red team. -
  • /TeamPvp blue | Join the blue team. -
  • /TeamPvp spectate | Spectate the game. - teampvp.spectate

How to setup the join signs

  • First line: teampvp
  • Second line: join
  • Thirst line: red | blue
  • To create the sign - teampvp.admin.sign

Kit Option


You can set your kit just once in a game! So if you leave and rejoin can you choose a new one!


  • Default: Stone sword | Bow | 20 Arrows
  • Warrior: Diamond axe -teampvp.kits.warrior
  • Archer: Bow (Enchantment power 2 / infinity) | Wood sword -teampvp.kits.archer

To Do

  • - Timer
  • - Kits (GUI)
  • - Joining a random team
  • -.........

Do you have any idee? Send a ticket

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
TeamPvPv2.1 R 1.7.2 5,168 09/12/2013
TeamPvPv1.0 R CB 1.6.4-R2.0 965 10/11/2013
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