Better dogs V1.13

Note: the download count isn't accurate as the counting started on September 27, 14 days after uploading.

Do NOT upload this pack anywhere without my permission


• This pack requires optifine to work. When the game asks if you're sure you want to load this pack because it was made for an older or newer version of minecraft, press the yes button and it will work.

• Enable custom entity models and random entities in the settings or else it won't work.

(Options > Video settings > Quality > Second to last on the left row. Third on the right row.)

• This is a resource pack, NOT a mod. Install it like you would install a normal resource pack.

• If you prefer the default wolf model; there is a version without my custom wolf model available on the download page.

This resource pack adds 31 dog breeds. Each breed (except three) comes in at least 2 varieties (colors/patterns). More breeds and textures coming in the future.

Breeds and amount of varieties (Click to reveal)

• Wolf (5 varieties)
• Australian shepherd (3 varieties)
• Beagle (3 varieties)

• Bernese mountain dog (1 variation)
• Border collie (4 varieties)
• Boxer (3 varieties)
• Bull terrier (2 varieties)
• Cairn terrier (3 varieties)
• Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (4 varieties)
• Cerberus (3 varieties) X
• Chihuahua (3 varieties)
• Corgi (4 varieties)
• Dachshund (2 varieties)
• Dalmatian (3 varieties)
• Doberman (2 varieties + 2 special varieties trough name tags)
• English bulldog (2 varieties)
• German shepherd (4 varieties)
• Golden retriever (2 varieties)
• Great dane (3 varieties + 3 special varieties trough name tags)
• Husky (4 varieties)
• Jack Russel (3 varieties)
• Labrador retriever (5 varieties)
• Neapolitan Mastiff (4 varieties)
• Poodle (5 varieties)
• Pug (2 varieties)
• Rottweiler (2 varieties)
• Samoyed (1 variation)
• Shiba Inu (3 varietes)
• Skeleton dog (3 varieties) X
• St. Bernard (2 varieties)
• West Highland White Terrier (2 varieties)
• Wither skeleton dog (3 varieties) X

X: Can only be bred in the nether. Obtainable with name tags in every dimension. (I will change this in the next update)

How it works / Getting a specific type of dog:
A newly tamed wolf turns into a random dog. There's a small chance it will remain a wolf when tamed. You can get a specific type of dog AND give said dog a custom name using name tags. To achieve this, the name tag must include one of the words on the Supported name tags list below.

Some examples of possible name tags:
- Baloo (pug)
- (shepherd) Wilbur
- Daisy beagle
- dalmatian Spot

Supported name tags (Case-insensitive):

• Wolf

• Border collie
- Alternative:
Collie, bc

• Labrador retriever
- Alternatives: Labrador, lab

• Golden retriever
- Alternative: Golden

• Husky

• German shepherd
- Alternatives: Gshepherd, gs, gsd

• Corgi

• Pug

• Dalmatian

• Samoyed

• Beagle

• Bull terrier

- Alternative (easter egg): Walter

• Shiba Inu
- Alternatives
: Shiba, Inu.

Australian shepherd
- Alternative:

- Alternatives:
Teckel, Dackel



- Alternative:



- Alternatives: doberman, doberman pinscher, dobermann pinscher, dp

* Dobermanc
- Alternative: dpc

Cavalier king charles spaniel
- Alternatives: cavalier king charles, king charles spaniel, king charles, kc

Great dane
- Alternatives:

Great danec
- Alternative: gdc


Neapolitan Mastiff
- Alternative: nm

West Highland White Terrier
- Alternatives: White terrier, Westie

St Bernard
- Alternative: Bernard

Cairn terrier
- Alternative: Cairn



Bernese mountain dog
- Alternatives: Bernese, bmd

Jack russel terrier
- Alternatives: Jack Russel


*: These dogs have cropped ears. It's unnatural and controversial in real life but I decided to keep it as an option trough name tags because it adds more customization and because this is just a resource pack. You can't get these models trough breeding.

Download the resource pack here (or press the download button):

Standalone version of the wolves in this pack:

Download Optifine:


Better dogs V1.13
Better dogs V1.13
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