Clear Hotbar! [1.9.1-1.17]

Just as simple as it sounds!
A crystal clear hotbar for all your minimalistic needs!

If clean GUIs are up your alley, this resource pack is just for you!

After thousands of downloads and years of inactivity, I have finally
come back to update this pack once more.

What's changed?
I'm glad you asked! To stay true to the idea of this pack, the hotbar is the same as earlier versions. As of now, the only differences you'll see are the new resource pack icon and version compatibility.

Additional Versions (1.9.1-1.16.5):
Currently, the naming scheme of this pack's files only makes it compatible with the latest version(s) of Minecraft (1.17). However, downloads for older versions (1.9-1.16.5) can be downloaded from my MediaFire page here.

OptiFine is not required! The cover images only use it because it looks better :)
For those interested, these screenshots were taken with Sildur's Vibrant Shaders Ultra.

Known Issues:
-Widgets (buttons, button icons, etc.) from the pack override custom widgets from others. There isn't much I can do about this, but I will look into possible workarounds.

-The hotbar needs a fully clear GUI to go with it! Yeah, I know, but it's a bit more complicated than you'd think... OUT NOW!

Companion Packs:
-This pack pairs nicely with my brand new Clear GUI pack found here!

Download Mods

Clear Hotbar! [1.9.1-1.17]
Clear Hotbar! [1.9.1-1.17]
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