Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack

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Get ready to pillage and plunder with this viking themed resource pack for the Java Edition of Minecraft!

Customize your look with 10 Viking shields and wield might 24x Viking weapons! This Viking themed resource pack includes completely custom textures for all weapons and tools with 3d models, one for each material type. Once you've acquired the right tools be sure to grab a Stormhammer (trident) and a Runestone of Protection (totem) before heading out for adventure!

Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack Minecraft Texture Pack

The Grimdark Viking pack also includes custom textures for the bow, crossbow, fishing rod, flint & steel, and shears! Like my other packs here on Planet Minecraft, this pack contains primarily item textures which makes it easy to pair with a builder's pack of your choosing or to simply enhance your look while building with vanilla block textures.

Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack Minecraft Texture Pack

This pack requires Optifine to support some textures, Stormhammer (the trident) and the 10 Viking Shields (Optifine Required). The variant Shield textures can be acquired by renaming them at an anvil. For example, renaming the Shield to include "Iron" somewhere in the name will change the texture to the Iron Viking Shield variant. Any naming conventions that do not include a variant identifier will use the standard texture.

The following Shield variants are currently available (Optifine Required):

1. Quarters
2. Halves
3. Dragon
4. Wooden
5. Stone
6. Iron
7. Golden
8. Diamond
9. Netherite
10. Rond

*Please note all screenshots and video were taken using the Grimdark Viking Pack in conjunction with my Grimdark Battlepack & Grimdark Sky pack. This pack is 100% compatible with my other packs, so please mix and match as you see fit!

Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack Screenshots

Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack
Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack
Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack
Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack


Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack
Kal's Grimdark Viking Pack

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