Ultimate Egg Hatching Trick x16 EGGS in POKEMON GO

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welcome to day two of our Germany postman go adventure and more we can be open but ok let me give myself to you when i went back to get your shoes must be kidding me these guys drop the attack we are about to go in eggs hatching train its journey around the park around a plan or tomorrow might be all right after the River Rhine there you go i was killing we like to thank you Lord always open these I just on the ground like pokemon and this this like kids train little like me that are a little more local park and fuck my God look at the train your lightweight not go to the egg-cam yeah so we follow the trigger Activia this train i'm gonna hatch guys ready for 2 kegs right after winter meters have enough for 700 meters and hatchets 10k a signature this is going to be ready pac not what i was gonna go to work life LOL cool this is the route we're gonna be taking a part of the Cubans for here as well so literally we're going to get back for sure right first things first today though I'm 200 XP off of level 26 let's let's pop any evolution you're in land o 26 for you Vic and seven me what you're looking for Oh lagging behind a spiritual level up that means the movies i found yesterday the potential to be even greater with 900,000 XP now love that sick I guys what we've got very 1111 ponyta revolution no now you put a higher GPA ponytail i do i always still putting money on the line a little bit unfair only something yeah 104 Morgana I got a black eye alright yeah down on a nice play game no power in Hokkaido but I need to start leave behind that would be who we're doing this my friends oh it's happening with your little ICP was hoping you're gonna get I don't win this money even hundred years ever for would like to draw about evolutionary enjoy making sure it was saying right now dude my memory ram behind you both sleep okay for you XP new pokedex 10 quotes always 104 off to whatever whatever guys the ultimate a caching.

Transportation has arrived this is going to hurt your of our eggs yo this is gonna be our little cabin right here that's going on in skilled in going way too big for this 643 personal training his pitch in but honestly this is gonna be the ultimate acting experience it's got some ten days on the way out definitely got 10k and one of those two cases help using the lucky train the boys are coming squeeze the latest I is like button news we're not made for this right Ramona just set off an acute victory in translation and off ready for caddies many fat boys to give almost stuff missing out by not keeping my car iraq now capture 1.2 active that's why don't people to know i'm not a storefront into ki-67 gradually what is not actually what is not bottled don't want you my number two number two I hey come on baby come on John and your child my god let's go six off your body but will hold another one day we're gonna be what's it gonna be come find one what's it gonna be watching train bring some love baby all right all right leg locks are fucking go to vote Morgan has been great big right it would we want when we want to t mean I for just behind an ordinary exactly what never had a doubt anyone Shannon.

I've never hide behind if you guys don't like I'm getting off the train i guess not i'll be happy getting off the train and go home ok there's so much pressure on it yeah colon cancer just thinking you know your neighbors jail nah I just know I just know that's the only taking a bigger half of the moment and it depends on if I don't like things are going down thank you this guy right it is lost them it's a wild orange capture volumen these guys are outfit located what is he there come on it look at that come from beautiful beautiful great technique captain we're missing our folks cause boys come on getting this always every five have nice looking at least give it an extra snake you connect a complete our first round trip here on the egg hatching train of amazing this and the luck does not finish there because we're going to do another lap we're going to have many that we need to and look what i just got more focused on what is that what is that you see at $TIME n fresh 10k egg my friend that is going to be incubated and hopefully I don't get a freaking pincer right buttock is strong on the egg caption mi6 for that actually one of my best best qualifications going out over 600 square to potentially so I'm not alter bored because the start pumping so hard captain yeah they just they love jumping out so fingers crossed this goes well wonder no don't know their unknown air on buddy chill out try go for curveball shall goes in telling me that I need to do cardcaptors will be complete ok ok ok ok enough of action with apple is it okay that I'm 2mon long around okay dog walk went back to picking up some you actually care about yourself and second floors tonight we don't want we don't know a good description and going anywhere your pops it on a great front sometimes he hits one headlight don't understand that wasn't a great throat one oh my gosh started pokemon ya level five hundred he's going to become more knowledgeable yeah thank you please going to get to know you could ask you how's that look great don't get that just outside the ring.

ok one gods took their you dare little bugger back on the spin behind nice ok nice ultra spinball throw to the old Gunnar that going to arise as checking on the candies of got water which involved in a way to isolate Lord candies that's forty percent of the way to the bastards you know what that's also the great camera audio track number of hardness against the teacher third round

I got the egg patent rain continues how many we will have at least 10 15 and I'll actively we got lots two brothers 10 k's also you will that go into 3 2 k's honesty like I've got a venusaur his box or height for the one trauma and i will do and what school you know I was gonna kick off freeway boys you ready for this morning interview what's it gonna be become all waiting at the waist my case yeah five came here to kick gonna say yeah you're ok now if I don't know what's going on here but eggs are hatching that important thing right now come on baby oh you're good to have a grandmother of the golden so 4980 simply to that ok now the ones being slow this magical that magic arts school a lot of walking without know and it's been so many magic cards they're already know really good don't be a dick CP 139 are almost 500 ok forex euro genes actually change the glad you raised me to be gone all the way back to that and actually covered in order to think about now 142 not even good ones and for was your last 11 13 of your cast yes yeah 170 I said you should go looking for you to ruin our Lord you are now it's time for whom we need like a lot more lately I think you fuck Mike wished it never had that I didn't know it

no i don't know how many what are those 80 y going down on that Pope still have your good the luck of the egg train is continuing to Lachlan look for you get something later cubone sport i was kidding in baby we catch this guy will be so proud to be able to get a power act white here in the park my mom was a single no no no you're not

oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god I'm gonna be mine let's get going thank God getting it all and then I'm stuck with like you even notice you're gone oh my God look what the egg train boarded baby oh look at that another one was this my what happened because catches everything is the losi

he needs a whole Police easy capture yes . already hold no no no he would be good for something hopeful one-hit-wonder with alia y'all right now that your mom come on come on one sure know what kind of deal with six da stargo c'mon look at them yeah come on come on yeah there we go that's more squared times today already that

brings up to 44 Happy's love that show off the rage of yesterday's EV episode this is the first time since there's only 2 87 but as always I'm always gonna be on the lookout for mad tv abortion this isn't a one but hopefully at some point germany trip we can find another 700 Evie hi guys how are you finding a train out on the street yeah I really do hours two hours going around and around after 43 in our trips now for our performance right but we decided we're

gonna have to leave it alone for the moment we gotta go back to do is we actually did some work stuff but that is definitely been the best way of hatching eggs ever lost or 10k on the go and almost ready to catch- it's about halfway to good it's good it's not closing 42 of 25 cave before being so far the ultimate make hacking and sewed leaving the train behind but the fun doesn't finish it

alright well the bad news is that Lofton pancake was it often was it was it wasn't you baby is a 580 even that I feel so bad for you man the good news is I've got 25 k eggs so both ways to get vulpix actually invite case but that b roll it comes out of the ground this as well i'm still looking for definitely not going too far from hatching eggs yo no we haven't been able go today

okay now I'm gonna learn and it's a good resource to it they're just remember actually I still have a hundred i forgot the way Robin I definitely another ball pic though I've only ever seen like I think he ever has to make this so rare ball pictures I need you guys had a great day hatching eggs on the train has been amazing waiting for Lachlan 10k the hatch and as I come right here to the computer in the middle

clone not like it was a 631 squirts you mad right now you know what's gonna happen it's gonna run on me and we're gonna be the best ground with raspberry eligibles you got very old friends welcome to know right now we're not so much more in school so I'm gonna go call cabinet I should've come get your great-great we're in trouble throwing no color for it could be good when a second roll your your banner that first go look at that

so now I think we're close to picking 47 can just 63 1 square to find the average do that not what I click the eye bruh disappeared doesn't have her in the lower as well you know what to do good i am going to actually bowled by cubone an Marowak enough hands from the spawner where the train walls we're gonna wait for law firms 10 eggs hatch cookies mr. mind while i was there mr. Miley and mr. might have been mad so we're going to do that guy's gonna be

awesome look who decided to show up and walked around a little bit it sounds I never do sports are going to grab myself a little Abra but look I've never in my life seen that many loads in one spot like done with that and we're heading in that direction as well alright guys been an amazing day of hatching eggs and we're gonna finish it

off with three more to ks the most were going to evolve by to bone into America you got your tent peg yeah one more coming as well yes i do is secret but we can't give it away guys so I'm going to focus on my you're not together tractor yeah i'm actually looking on imagine i'm not gonna happen more wine your mind yet yeah fire came in when you're right you're 63 and get a job

okay i don't like I'm ready for action and you act mad like to make sure you got you fam ok let me handle this new back did you wrap it right back there going it's that I hate don't want it to be good know now you hate that are already down to one final a little bit so on your quick wait hold on board ok applying us to assure that there's a good where I'm

going to do don't involve a cuban-american me a brand new evolution his wife i'm adding your magic carpet that much from admin for best American x 768 pretty good right now like the bar as my predictions predictions behind i'm honestly I'm like most elite thousand really not thousands of kids your basket big difference so fixing a thousand fifty walking singing I'm saying 1,000 253 again we're going to get this is my first time getting my right knee is good

boy we're gonna do you think they go home if anyone gets to bang on to get through down to dollars from me back to that all looking later . look at every moment trouble is home you've got these populations well Oh everything control I should show you see Terry go oh wow neglect so underwhelming multiplies the motor fire right now sir Graham oh oh it's going on locally i know well you

know what guys we will count up how many extra passions episode it is being mad hope you enjoyed me hangout Lawson and because we've got more German pogo adventures coming to stay tuned thanks very much for watching you guys next time we go

Ultimate Egg Hatching Trick x16 EGGS in POKEMON GO
Ultimate Egg Hatching Trick x16 EGGS in POKEMON GO

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