It was hard for me to buy a lot of reagents one by one so i decided to make a simple addon.

Adds an option to buy multiple items simultaneously.

Simple functionality to buy many items at once, you can enter the number of items you want to buy in the upper left corner of the vendor window.

When you'll try to buy the item the confirmation dialog will appear. You can bypass the warning window with 1 item selected by holding <Shift> key.

Maximum items number for single purchase is 250.

Let me know if there are any bugs or how can i improve the addon.

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Youtube channel : zafrostpet


File Name Status Version Downloads Date R API 11 4,113 30/09/2015 R API 9 2,928 05/09/2014 R API 8 1,165 09/07/2014
ViragsMultibuyer API16 Updating API16 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API15 Updating API15 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API14 Updating API14 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API13 Updating API13 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API12 Updating API12 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API 10 Updating API 10 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API 7 Updating API 7 Updating Updating
ViragsMultibuyer API 6 Updating API 6 Updating Updating

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