This Add-On collects data about the characters in-game similar to the famous WoW-Census-Add-On.

WildStar-Census collects data through the /who-command. Because every /who-command only collects 50 characters, Census comes with a timer function that collects data on a regular basis. In addition, Census communicates with other Census-users with an optional import of the data from other users.

Please start the addon by adding and clicking the Census icon (a running person) or simply typing /wscensus into the chat.

On the top window you find tabs to access the Main and the Settings Window.

Main Window:

  • Top section (from left to right):
    • Realm-Name
    • Total number of shown characters
    • Faction-Icon
    • Filter-Setting
  • Middle section (from left to right)
    • Race statistics
    • Gender statistics (only possible with german client)
    • Class statistics
    • Path statistics
    • Filtering possible by clicking on race-, gender-, class- or path-icons
    • Remove filter by clicking on the same icon again
  • Bottom section
    • Level statistics
    • Filtering possible by clicking on a level-bar
    • Remove filter by clicking on the same bar again
  • Button section (from left to right)
    • Info-Button (?) shows informations regarding the Add-On
    • Start-/Stop-Button starts and stops the collection of data (continues after closing the Census-Window)
    • Recycling-Button resets all filters
    • Trashcan-Button purges all collected data of your faction (but don't worry, you'll have to confirm your decision)

Character Window (NEW!):

  • up to 500 (due to performance issues) of your collected characters are shown on this page
  • characters can be filtered by
    • Charcter Name (using the filter textbox below)
    • Level (by double-clicking on the desired level)
    • Race, Class, Path (by double-clicking on the desired icon)
  • filters can be erased by erasing the text in the textbox and/or double-clicking on the icon or level again
  • all filters can be erased by just clicking on the recycling-icon below
  • characters can be sorted by clicking on the captions
    • first click means ascending (arrow up)
    • second click means descending (arrow down)
    • If you sort any other element than name, the names will always be secondarily sorted ascending.
  • there is an options-button for each character
    • Add to Friends-List sends a friends-request to the character (if character is not longer available in the game, he will be erased)
    • Add to Ignore-List adds the character to the ignore list (same as above)
    • Whisper sets up a whisper dialog in the chat box to this character

Settings Window:

  • Import- / Ignore-Lists
    • Every user sends collected data to every other user. You will see the received Data in the Import-List-Window. You have the following options:
      • Import all data shown in the list into your database
      • Delete all data shown in the list and not import them
      • Putting special users to the ignore list on the right. Data from ignored users are never imported as long as they stand on your ignore-list. You can of course remove users from the ignore-list
  • Timer Settings:
    • Census-Timer let's you set the time range between data collections (1-60 minutes or "No Timer")
    • Transfer-Timer let's you set the time range between data transfers to other users (10-240 minutes)

The collected data and settings are saved realm-wise so that all of your characters on one realm share the same data and settings.

I would recommend that you seperate the system messages from your chat because the add-on uses the /who-command to collect the data. Another option would be to deactivate the built-in Who-Addon.

I hope you have fun collecting data.

Big thanks to the users Rharaku who assisted me in bug finding and testing and to Sojiro84 because he inspired me of creating the add-on after I read his thread on the Wildstar forum.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
WildStarCensus 1.0.zip R API 9 4,861 20/07/2014
WildStarCensus 0.92.zip R API 8 1,007 03/07/2014
WildStar-Census API16 Updating API16 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API15 Updating API15 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API14 Updating API14 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API13 Updating API13 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API12 Updating API12 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API 11 Updating API 11 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API 10 Updating API 10 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API 7 Updating API 7 Updating Updating
WildStar-Census API 6 Updating API 6 Updating Updating

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