Click Box Healer


UPDATES: I have been very busy. New baby added to the family and all. 6 months have past and things are going pretty well. For those interested, I would like to get back into updating this or at least hand it over to someone interested in carrying it on. I however cannot provide support for the new Dream Souls added recently as I myself do not have them and therefor cannot test them.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO CBH, PLEASE READ. I have updated/moved the help info to a thread on the forums. Please visit it and read over the info before posted "I need help" or "your addon is broken" messages. This info is also contained inside the addon folder and soon to be inside the addon in-game for your convenience. If you still have issues, please feel free to post a message with AS MUCH detail as possible and preferably with an error message if applicable. Thank you.


Hopefully you guys can see an update on this soon. Looking forward to it.


The frame for the Defiler pet "Beacon of Despair" will bug out if it despawns because you run far away from it. I'm trying to create a fix for this, but it's rooted in an issue with how Trion handles the pet. If the pet frame becomes unresponsive, you may need to relog or reloadui to clear it. If this beacon is summoned in combat it will also be unclickable due to the same limitation listed below. Frame will not be interactable unless you do a reloadui or wait for combat to end.

Due to limitation of the API in RIFT at this time, while you are in combat, NEW FRAMES WILL NOT FUNCTION, and no changes can be made to the addon. You cannot get in the options window, unlock the frame, toggle the tooltips, or close/hide/show the frame.


Main thanks go to RagebeastRT for his original Rift Healer. Provided my learning grounds and the beginning of CBH as well as some various fixes. Thanks Rage!
A huge thanks to dOxxx's LibSimpleWidgets library. Made several pieces of this addon much more functional and usable.
Thanks also go to ZorbaTHut for LibUnitChange.
And a big thanks to Protonova for the tips they provided that helped with performance fixes during CBH's early stages.
Nice work to the original authors on WoWAce for some of the health frame artwork used in this addon.

All feedback and ideas are welcome. Please let me know if you have any feedback at all. It is appreciated and contributes to the continuation this project.

updated: 3/12/2014

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
v1.31 R 2.5 37,065 26/05/2014
v1.15 R 2.4 15,942 12/11/2013
CBH v1.8.10 R 2.3 588 19/09/2013
Click Box Healer 5.0 Updating 5.0 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 4.0 Updating 4.0 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 3.7 Updating 3.7 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 3.6 Updating 3.6 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 3.5 Updating 3.5 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 3.4 Updating 3.4 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer 3.0 Updating 3.0 Updating Updating
Click Box Healer
Click Box Healer
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