Quest Finder


This is a simple little addon for finding missing quests in your current zone.

Currently Quest Finder tracks:

  • 2,217 Quests for Guardian and Defiant
  • 711 Quests for Guardian only
  • 752 Quests for Defiant only

Source Quest data file contains:

  • 13,743 Total Quests in Rift
  • 10,063 Repeatable Quests purged (Dailies, Weeklies)
  • 670 Quests purged as depreciated


  • /qfhelp
    List available commands in game.

  • /qfind
    List missing quest(s) for your current location, and which quests you currently have in your log.

  • /qfind full
    Same as above, except a Quest Summary will appear below each quest, with co-ordinates for the first objective (if available)

  • /qfind done
    Lists all completed quests for the current zone.

  • /qfsetting
    Change various settings in-game including chat tab use and silent mode. Type /qfhelp in game for a full list.


This will currently only list non-repeatable quests, as usually repeatable quests do not count towards Zone achievements. However, once a GUI is in place I do intend to provide full listings for all quests in any given area (including dailies), list quest givers and turn ins (with locations) and also link quest chains in order. There will possibly be the option to see full details of missing quests too.

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
0.2.4 R 3.4 30,124 16/10/2015
0.2.3 R 3.0 30,919 23/11/2014
0.2.1 R 2.7 9,242 29/09/2014
0.2.0 R 2.5 21,561 15/05/2014
0.1.8 R 2.4 16,962 23/09/2013
0.1.7 R 2.3 5,041 15/09/2013
0.1.3 R 2.2.4 6,491 15/06/2013
0.1.1 R 2.0 11,005 01/02/2013
0.0.7 R 1.11 115 12/12/2012
Quest Finder 5.0 Updating 5.0 Updating Updating
Quest Finder 4.0 Updating 4.0 Updating Updating
Quest Finder 3.7 Updating 3.7 Updating Updating
Quest Finder 3.6 Updating 3.6 Updating Updating
Quest Finder 3.5 Updating 3.5 Updating Updating
Quest Finder
Quest Finder
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