Corail Tombstone

" Corail Tombstone keeps you from losing your belongings on death, with many features of survivability and dimensional teleportation, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere related to the grave's souls. "


Tombstone handles your death in minecraft by providing over 100 config options, multiple features (like soulbound enchantment, auto-equip, the Grave's Key allowing to see the grave at a distance and teleport to the grave once enchanted), and several compatibilities between mods.

On the same time, it introduces a slow perk tree : the Knowledge of Death, and a magic system based on some enchantable items with the help of the Souls haunting the Decorative Graves and waiting for a way to be freed for their eternal sentence.

There're several commands related to death and dimensional teleportation.
he mod works fine on server and has translations for english & french. (my main language is french)

Java 8 is required

The license of this mod is all Rights Reserved
You can use it for your personal/server use, or for modpack
but this doesn't allow you to share the files

A really great presentation by MischiefOfMice :


Tombstone is now ported on 1.14.3.

Corail Tombstone : Particle Casting Corail Tombstone : Smoke Column 

 Corail Tombstone : Grave Smoke

Also, a small promotion for "The Midnight" as they publish a new beta and are always looking for modders to contribute to their mod (in GPL license).

  Visit the page : here

The decorative graves

The decorative graves are special blocks with a fog particle only during the night.
They can be harvested with shovel/pickaxe and can be engraved with the anvil (and an iron lingot in the second slot).
The decorative graves can be haunted by a soul, depending on the chance set in the config.
The soul stays until used and allows some enchants like magic scroll/tablet, or upgrade the grave's key.

Grave Simple in Corail Tombstone  Grave Cross in Corail Tombstone

Grave Animation in Corail Tombstone  Grave Normal in Corail Tombstone  Engraved Name on Tombstone Graves

Hint : The advancement/achievement gives you rewards, nearly enough to build a decorative grave.

The Recipes

Grave Marble                                     Simple Grave                                     Normal Grave
Corail Tombstone : Grave Marble  Corail Tombstone : Simple Grave  Corail Tombstone : Normal Grave
Cross Grave                                        Tombstone                                         Upgrade Grave's Key
Corail Tombstone : Cross Grave  Corail Tombstone : Tombstone  Corail Tombstone : Upgrade Grave's Key
Strange Scroll                                    Strange Tablet                                   Scroll of Knowledge
Corail Tombstone : Strange Scroll  Corail Tombstone : Strange Tablet  Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Knowledge
Scroll of Preservation                      Tablet of Assistance                         Tablet of Recall
Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Preservation  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Assistance  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Recall

Hint : you can also upgrade the grave's key with a soul - undead can drop Grave's Dust (10%) & Skull (0.5%)
Scroll of Unstable Intangibleness : provides a potion effect making you invincible for one second every 5 seconds
Fishing Rod of Misadventure : new fishing rod (with more chance to have junk while fishing)
Lost Tablet : found while fishing in the junk loot table, and allowing to discover some structures and teleport to it

Dust of Vanishing : makes you vanish in a smoke column preventing monsters to target you for a short time, and teleport you on the same time to a safe backward location allowing an easy retreat
Soul receptacle : to set a soul on a grave for creative purpose and modpack reward, and prevent to die if the player has one on him (breaking the item)
Voodoo Poppets : prevents you to die from some specific damages (the recipes are unlocked with the Perk)

Book Of Disenchantment : strips the enchantments of an item
Scroll of Feather Fall : slowing any fall

Scroll of Purification : dispels your negative effects over time
Scroll of True Sight : allows to see clearly in water and by night

Ankh of Pray : allows to pray on a grave to earn some knowledge points, and can also be used on a soul to reset the perks tree (the soul is consumed)

The Knowledge of Death

Players earns knowledge points each time they use a grave's soul to enchant an item, when they free a soul from a receptacle, by praying near a decorative grave with a special item called Ankh of Pray (with a cooldown of 6 in-game hours), or by accomplishing the tombstone advancements.
Theses points allow you to unlock some perks in a special gui "Knowledge of Death" (the keybind in "misc" is not defined by default).

The perks are small bonus related to all the features of tombstone, instead of providing them by default (some of them will be displayed based on what is allowed in the config).

Knowledge of Death  Perks Tree in Tombstone  Corail Tombstone

Total knowledge points for a level : level * level * 2
Knowledge points to reach the next level : (4 * next_level) - 2

Hints : advancements can reward knowledge points with a custom function
-> the syntax is "rewards": { "function": "tombstone:knowledge//amount/1" }

The Compendium

The compendium is a special section of the gui of the Knowledge of Death that provides infos, linked between them, about Tombstone.

Corail Tombstone : Compendium   Corail Tombstone : Compendium

The Commands

  • TBTeleport : dimensional teleportation to a player or a position
  • TBTeleportDiscovery : teleports to an unexplored village (or a few others structures)
  • TBTeleportToVillage : teleports to an explored village
  • TBShowLastGrave : shows the last player's grave position
  • TBTeleportToGrave : dimensional teleportation to the last known grave of a player
  • TBRestoreInventory : return the grave inventory to its owner
  • TBRecovery : manually backups all players (or one), or rollbacks a player from an old save
  • TBKnowledge : allows to set the knowledge points of a player
  • TBSiege : allows to launch a Zombie Siege (mainly to test your configuration about village siege)
  • TBReviveFamiliar : bring back to life your last dead familiar

The Enchantments

  • Soulbound : keeps theses items on the player after death
  • Shadow Step : reduces the distance that monsters detect you and slightly reduces falling damage (cumulates with sneaking, doesn't work while riding and can only be put on boots)

The Effects (command /effect)

  • 'tombstone:ghostly_shape' : similar to the effect after your death preventing creatures to attack you, allowing to see clearly in water & by night and preventing most of damages
  • 'tombstone:diversion' : preventing creatures to attack you
  • 'tombstone:preservation' : keeping your beneficial effects after your death
  • 'tombstone:unstable_intangibleness' : making you invulnerable one full second every 5 seconds
  • 'tombstone:feather_fall' : slowing your fall and preventing any fall damage
  • 'tombstone:purification' : clearing any negative effects on you over time

Tombstone API

Since version 3.4.0, tombstone includes an api, with source, exposing some features of the mod.

Special thanks

@brandon3055 : the teleport code from his library (with permission)
@Paul Fulham, @Gegy, @Barteks2x : for all their helps
@Cofh Team : texture for the grave's dust (with permission)
and many others... ^^


Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft is a highly popular and useful mod that adds a new feature to Minecraft, which allows players to recover their lost items after death. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft, including its features, installation process, and how it can improve your gaming experience.

What is Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft?

Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft is a mod that adds a new feature to the game, which allows players to recover their lost items after they die. When a player dies, a tombstone is generated at the location of the death, and all of the player's inventory items are stored inside it. The tombstone is then marked on the map, making it easy for the player to locate it and retrieve their lost items.

Features of Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft

The Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft comes with a range of features that make it an essential mod for Minecraft players. Some of the most notable features include:

  1. Customizable tombstones Players can customize the tombstones generated by the mod, including the size, color, and text on the tombstone. This feature allows players to personalize their gaming experience and make the mod feel more immersive.

  2. Graveyard dimension The Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft also adds a new dimension to the game, known as the graveyard dimension. Players can access this dimension by interacting with a specific block, and it is filled with tombstones from players all over the Minecraft world.

  3. Compatibility The mod is compatible with Minecraft versions 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.5, and 1.17.1. This means that players using any of these versions can enjoy the benefits of the mod and improve their gaming experience.

Installation Process

To install the Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the mod from 9Lifehack.

  2. Install Forge, which is required to run the mod. You can download Forge from the official Forge website.

  3. Open the Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile.

  4. Navigate to the Minecraft folder on your computer and open the mods folder.

  5. Drag and drop the downloaded mod file into the mods folder.

  6. Launch Minecraft and enjoy the benefits of the Corail Tombstone Mod!

The Corail Tombstone Mod for Minecraft is an essential mod for any Minecraft player who wants to improve their gaming experience. With its range of features, including customizable tombstones and a new dimension, the mod adds an extra layer of immersion and excitement to Minecraft gameplay. We hope that this guide has been informative and helpful in providing you with all the information you need to install and enjoy this amazing mod. Happy gaming!


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
tombstone-2.9.0-1.12.jar release 1.12 99,290 21/04/2018
tombstone-1.4.1-1.8.9.jar release 1.8.9 1,463 09/11/2017
tombstone-1.4.1-1.9.4.jar release 1.9.4 431 09/11/2017
tombstone-2.9.4-1.10.2.jar release 1.10.2 3,003 16/05/2018
tombstone- release 1.11.2 1,485 24/04/2018
tombstone-2.9.9-1.12.jar release 1.12.1 80,059 05/07/2018
tombstone-3.5.5-1.12.jar release 1.12.2 1,161 25/06/2019
tombstone-3.5.2-1.13.jar release 1.13.2 957 30/05/2019
tombstone-3.6.2-1.14.2.jar release 1.14.2 63 25/06/2019
tombstone-3.7.0-1.14.3.jar release 1.14.3 126 25/06/2019
Corail Tombstone 1.20.2 Updating 1.20.2 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.20.1 Updating 1.20.1 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.20 Updating 1.20 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.19.2 Updating 1.19.2 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.19.1 Updating 1.19.1 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.19 Updating 1.19 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.18 Updating 1.18 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone 1.17.1 Updating 1.17.1 Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
Corail Tombstone
Corail Tombstone

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