Durability Viewer

Minecraft players know the importance of keeping track of their tools and weapons durability. The Durability Viewer mod is an excellent solution that will help you manage your inventory better. Learn about its features, installation process, and get some tips and tricks to make the most out of this mod.

What is Durability Viewer Mod?

The Durability Viewer mod is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to keep track of your tools and weapons durability. It shows the remaining durability of your items in your inventory and hotbar, making it easy to manage and plan ahead. With this mod, you can quickly see which tools or weapons are about to break and replace them before it's too late. It also shows the durability of items in your off-hand, which is incredibly useful for shields and totems of undying.

This mod is made for everyone who don't want to have to open their inventory every time they want to check the durability of their items or armor. 

Features of Durability Viewer Mod

The Durability Viewer mod offers various features that make it an essential tool for Minecraft players. Here are some of its most notable features:

  1. Easy to use interface - The mod displays the remaining durability of your items in a simple and easy-to-understand interface. You can quickly see the durability of each tool or weapon at a glance.

  2. Customizable settings - You can customize the mod's settings to fit your preferences. You can choose to show the durability of specific items, adjust the display position, and change the font size.

  3. Compatibility - The mod is compatible with various Minecraft versions and other mods, making it a versatile tool for any player.

  4. Real-time updates - The mod updates the durability information in real-time, making it accurate and reliable.

the ability to see the current durability of all of your damaged items, much quicker than in vanilla

the ability to see the current state and durability of your armor directly on the HUD.

display the total number of arrows in your inventory on top of the bow texture in your inventory 

How to Install Durability Viewer Mod

this mod requires LiteLoader to work!

Installing the Durability Viewer mod is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and install Fabric Loader if you haven't already.

  2. Download the Durability Viewer mod from 9Lifehack.com.

  3. Open the Minecraft launcher and select the Fabric profile.

  4. Click on the "Mods" button and drag the Durability Viewer mod file into the "mods" folder.

  5. Launch Minecraft, and the mod should be installed and ready to use.

Tips and Tricks for Using Durability Viewer Mod

  1. Customize the Display

The Durability Viewer mod offers several customization options for its display. Players can adjust the position, size, and color of the durability bar to their liking. To access these options, go to the "Mod Options" menu in the Minecraft main menu, select "Durability Viewer," and then click on "Config." From here, players can adjust the various display settings.

  1. Use it in Combat

One of the most useful aspects of the Durability Viewer mod is its ability to display the durability of weapons and tools during combat. When fighting mobs or other players, it can be easy to lose track of the durability of your weapons and tools. With the Durability Viewer mod, you can quickly glance at the bar to see how much durability your weapon or tool has left, allowing you to switch to a new item before your current one breaks.

  1. Plan Ahead

Another useful feature of the Durability Viewer mod is its ability to display the durability of armor. This can be especially helpful when planning long journeys or exploring dangerous areas. By keeping an eye on the durability of your armor, you can plan ahead and bring extra armor pieces or repair kits to ensure that you are always protected.

  1. Repair Items When Needed

The Durability Viewer mod can also help players know when to repair their items. When an item's durability reaches a certain level, the durability bar will turn red, indicating that the item is close to breaking. This is a good sign that the item should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid it breaking during a critical moment.


In other words, I am not responsible if this mod causes your game to crash, your save to get deleted, or your cat to run away.

 this mod is licences under the MIT open source license.

the source code is publicly available on my Github Page.

please do not redistribute this mod unedited, you are allowed to add this mod to your ModPacks though but please credit me and link to this thread.

please do not rehost or provide alternative downloads for this mod, you are allowed to link to the official download page hosted on curseForge.

Mumfrey for his colorpicker GUI and for the CheckBox image that my radioboxes were derived from and for creating LiteLoader.

EasyMFnE for his implementation of mumfrey's colorpicker GUI, that i derived my implementation from

Redbanhammer for his Durability101 mod that this was based on.

coolblinger for his UseCount mod that Durability101 was based on.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
DurabilityViewerMod-1.8-1.0.3.litemod release 1.8 2,360 20/04/2015
mod-durabilityviewer-1.0.4-mc1.8.9.litemod release 1.8.9 3,084 11/06/2016
DurabilityViewerMod-1.7.10-1.0.2.litemod release 1.7.10 120,183 20/04/2015
Durability Viewer 1.20.2 Updating 1.20.2 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.20.1 Updating 1.20.1 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.20 Updating 1.20 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.19.2 Updating 1.19.2 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.19.1 Updating 1.19.1 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.19 Updating 1.19 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.18 Updating 1.18 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer 1.17.1 Updating 1.17.1 Updating Updating
Durability Viewer Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
Durability Viewer Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
Durability Viewer
Durability Viewer

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