Adds a popup to cash entry windows to make them easier to use.

E.g. instead of entering 5000000 for 5 plat you could just type 5p


Update for API 12: You will now need to click on the money denomination icons to open the text input window.


Works with all the cash input windows in the default interface*. Those are the AH, CX, CREDD exchange, guild bank, mail, and trade windows. Adding support for other custom addons should be fairly easy so don't hesitate to ask.

*If I missed something please let me know.


Syntax is: "#p #g #s #c" for plat, gold, silver, and copper respectively. Any missing are assumed to be zero. The numbers you do use though should be in order. Syntax errors will flash red. Spaces are ignored so add them if you wish.

Hitting the enter or tab keys or clicking away from the pop-up will accept the entered text. To cancel the input press the escape key.

When editing the bid or buyout price in the AH sell window, hitting tab will accept the value and bring up the other one for editing.


Settings can be brought up through the interface menu or with '/epe' or '/easyplatentry'.

  • [AH Link] You can automatically set the bid price to a percentage of the buyout price. Triggers after entering a buyout price.
  • [Auto Fill] Remembers the last price entered for the AH sell window bid/buyout box. Will auto set pop-up with previous price.


Feature suggestions, change requests, and bug reports are welcome. Submit through comments, PM, curseforge, or github. I'll consolidate them on github for tracking.



File Name Status Version Downloads Date
15.0 R API15 3,149 16/04/2017
14.0 R API14 114 11/12/2016
12.1.0 R API 11 244 30/03/2016
EasyPlatEntry API16 Updating API16 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API13 Updating API13 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API12 Updating API12 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API 10 Updating API 10 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API 9 Updating API 9 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API 8 Updating API 8 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API 7 Updating API 7 Updating Updating
EasyPlatEntry API 6 Updating API 6 Updating Updating

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