Galaxy Library

You now have the entire Galaxy's information at your fingertips, allowing you to browse the content of Wildstar anytime!

This is the same tool I used to generate these gear albums:

To activate type one of the following:
/galaxylibrary, /gallib, /gl, /lkl

I hope you enjoy looking at unreleased stuff. ;)

- Lemon King



Change Log


      • Item Database now uses timer based loading to prevent users on slower machines or with more active addons from stalling on open for more than 2.5s.


      • Disabled debug text. >_> <_< You saw nothing!


      • Added support for Interface Menu, no need to type slash commands.
      • Now sports a better icon than 0.03.


      • Minor update for API 8
      • Support for an experimental addon.
      • Some partial internal restructuring for development.


This is a first pass of the Main Menu and Item Database UIs, there are further updates planned.

      • Interface is now completely redesigned with future updates in mind!Item Database is reworked from the ground up with usability and display in mind.

      • The two paperdolls are now one, clicking zoom with switch between the two.

      • You can now Link Items in Chat using Shift + Left Click.

      • You can also preview items using the Inventory Paperdoll with Alt + Left Click.
        Your character class will need to be allowed to equip the item for the preview to work.

      • Tooltips are now 100% less funky.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date R API 9 17,800 29/03/2015 B API 8 69,672 04/05/2014 B API 7 540 06/04/2014
Galaxy Library API16 Updating API16 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API15 Updating API15 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API14 Updating API14 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API13 Updating API13 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API12 Updating API12 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API 11 Updating API 11 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API 10 Updating API 10 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library API 6 Updating API 6 Updating Updating
Galaxy Library
Galaxy Library

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