Where's My Water? Mystery Duck

Game description: Where's My Water? Mystery Duck:

Are you ready to absolutely new missions and trials? Try yourself at new levels, included in "The History of Cranky." If you do not know Cranky yet – it is an old and angry crocodile making his best not to let Swampy swim. In addition, he is pretty hungry. He eats everything that gets under his claw, except for fruits and vegetables. But the problem is that his food is covered with poisonous slime and you need water to remove it.
And are you familiar with a little crocodile named Swampy? His story is quite simple. He is not like others and lives in suburbs. He is very friendly and curious, and especially likes to swim after a hard day. But other crocodiles do not approve his passion for swimming and doing their best to stop him. And only you can help Swampy to guide water to his shower.

Where's My Water is a good, addictive puzzle game with excellent physics and graphics. Do not forget to watch over water in the bath and clean it from various contaminants in the form of harmful bacteria, toxic chemicals and mold. The game has more than two hundreds of puzzles, that is why it will not be boring. Moreover the new upgrades and new missions constantly appear, so the fun just begins right now. Everything that wants this funny and cute little crocodile is to take bath with its rubber duck. You need to collect as many rubber ducks as possible to unlock new levels, puzzles and bonuses. As for the grumpy Cranky, his puzzles are very cunning. You will have to complete about forty levels with Cranky. He is the direct opposite of Swampy. The game has rich graphics and lots of funny moments, making the game more realistic and the underground world will become a reality just in front of your eyes.

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