Cave Collapse

This data pack adds a configurable chance that natural stones will collapse in randomly shaped chunks when you go mining, to make mining more dangerous and exciting. Silk touch enchanted tools don't trigger cave ins, so you're safe if you're using one.

By default, there is a 20% chance that stone and cobblestone in the Overworld, below sea level (Y=63), will collapse when mined, and a 20% chance that netherrack in the Nether will collapse when mined. Each collapsing block has a 50% chance to collapse each adjacent natural stone block, but the maximum number of blocks that can collapse at once is 16. If you'd like to change these settings, you can find the configuration file at "data\cave_collapse\functions\config.mcfunction" within the zip file of the data pack. There is also a feature that allows end stone in the End to collapse when mined, but this is disabled by default.

More information about data packs and how to use them can be found onĀ the official Minecraft Wiki.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Cave Collapse Version 2 R 1.14.4 +4 28 11/09/2019
Cave Collapse 1.20.2 Updating 1.20.2 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.20.1 Updating 1.20.1 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.20 Updating 1.20 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.19.2 Updating 1.19.2 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.19.1 Updating 1.19.1 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.19 Updating 1.19 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.18 Updating 1.18 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse 1.17.1 Updating 1.17.1 Updating Updating
Cave Collapse Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
Cave Collapse Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
Cave Collapse
Cave Collapse

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