Character Pack 2

Terraria Character Pack 2: OP or Go Home!


First off, I’d like to thank everyone who downloaded my first character pack. I wasn’t sure if anyone would be into the idea of pre-made characters for a game that is pretty much about doing your own thing. So I thought… what if someone wanted to try out a specific build? Just wanted to skip over the pre hardmode grind? How about being a god? Well this is for you!


This pack contains 50 characters that have been more or less tweaked to perfection. (at least imo)


Most accessories have been reforged to a +4 modifier, with a specific build in mind, speed, crit, damage, etc… Also, most (but not all) characters will have a healthy set of starting resources in their personal storage along with a few other surprises. ;)



The included world (small) is called The Purity and it is in hardmode, but with a catch. What if this world never experienced the corruption or crimson upon defeating the Wall of Flesh? Everything seems a little too calm. But there’s trouble brewing underneath the surface. The world comes in two flavors of regular and expert mode.


The spawn point is right near a roomy tree fort just waiting for you to move in! There’s even some neighbors there to welcome you! Also, there is a very professional looking hellavator installed with some impressive shaft work and depth markers! Some bosses/events have been downed so that specific npcs will occupy their dwellings. But a majority of the bosses and invasions are still waiting to battle.

Thanks for checking out my work, and I hope you enjoy!


And for those that don't already know how to install:

Open the file with winrar (or your preferred extraction app) into  >>> C:\Users\YOUR NAME\My Documents\My Games\Terraria   The folders content should be added to the two folders, "Players" and "Worlds"


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Character Pack R - 409 07/09/2019
Character Pack 2
Character Pack 2

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