TSF: An Adventure Map

You are an agent in the Terrarian Special Forces (or TSF for short), the elite group tasked with protecting all the lands of Terraria. Under orders from your commanding officer, you will undertake missions to ensure the safety and stability of the region. Explore exotic locations and face dangerous creatures, risking life and limb so that the people of Terraria can sleep easy at night.


  • -A world-spanning adventure
  • -Performance-based rewards
  • -Multiple optional challenges/areas/bosses
  • -Lots of loot


Getting Started:

  1. 1. Download the attached map file and place it in your Terraria worlds folder (...Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds)
  2. 2. Open Terraria
  3. 3. Create a NEW CHARACTER
  4. 4. Select the world "Terrarian Special Forces"
  5. 5. Have Fun



  • 1. Follow instructions!
  • 2. Obviously, don't break or place anything. You can place torches that are given to you in chests, however.
  • 3. Use a new character.
  • 4. Immediately toss starting items and anything on the Banned Items List, UNLESS given to you in a chest.5.
  • 5. You can buy items and keep monster drops UNLESS they're on the Banned Items List.
  • 6. No map (you won't really need it and it helps with immersion).


Banned Items:

  • -Tools (i.e. pickaxe, axe, hammer, wrench)
  • -Blocks/platforms
  • -Mobility Accessories
  • -Ice Rod
  • -Rope/Chain
  • -Grappling hooks
  • -Mounts
  • -Anything that gives wire vision (pressure plates, traps, etc.)
  • -Any potions other than healing/mana potions



  • Make a backup of the map in case you need to reset it for any reason.
  • Set your resolution to 1080x1920.
  • Always set your spawn point whenever you can.
  • It's best to complete it in one run, since closing and reopening the map will shut off all active timers. However, if you have just reached a new area and set your spawn, it shouldn't create any major issues if you quit and come back to it later.


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Terrarian_Special_Forces v1.1b.wld R - 1 04/09/2019
TSF: An Adventure Map
TSF: An Adventure Map

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