DerpyBlock Mod (1.8)


This is a remake of the LuckyBlock Mod made by PlayerinDistress. This adds in a Derpy Block that spawns throughout your minecraft world, you can find them or craft them. This block is a 50/50 change of a good or bad drop. From EMERALD blocks to The Zombie Bob, you don't know what is going to come out next.


For more detail go to to see what this DeryBlock is about, and some of the drops.

Download Mods

File Name Status Version Downloads Date
The DerpyBlock Mod B 1.8 +1 2,144 15/07/2015
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) 1.17 Updating 1.17 Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) 1.16 Updating 1.16 Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) 1.16.5 Updating 1.16.5 Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) 1.16.4 Updating 1.16.4 Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8) 1.15.2 Updating 1.15.2 Updating Updating
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8)
DerpyBlock Mod (1.8)
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