TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore)

Explains literally everything. If I missed something let me know

 The google docs is here: Link to google docs

 Trumpcraft: Trumpcraft

In this guide, the secrets, lore, everything is revealed. (More coming soon) Right now there is only one file but I will add more. I'm sure many people have had questions to my mod because it obviously has some sort of lore in it, and I answer them in here. 

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(I am  sorry but I lost the files after migrating my stuff to a new computer)

Made a new 1.12 port 


File Name Status Version Downloads Date
Trumpcraft Book 2.0 R 1.14.4 +66 24 08/08/2019
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.20.2 Updating 1.20.2 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.20.1 Updating 1.20.1 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.20 Updating 1.20 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.19.2 Updating 1.19.2 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.19.1 Updating 1.19.1 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.19 Updating 1.19 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.18 Updating 1.18 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) 1.17.1 Updating 1.17.1 Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) Forge Updating Forge Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore) Fabric Updating Fabric Updating Updating
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore)
TRUMPCRAFT (Guidebook/lore)

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