5 reasons to buy an electric cars

In this video I’m in the 2016 Nissan Leaf and since this is my first fully electric vehicle which I’m heading for review.

I thought instead of just doing a Review of the Electric car, I talk about some of the advantages of electric cars in general over gasoline or diesel powered cars. Because there are fair amount of reasons why you may want to choose an electric vehicle (EV) rather than a gasoline or diesel powered car.

Performance Issue - The instant torque and peak torque from 0 RPM

Now, the first benefit is performance issue and this has to do with the fact that electric vehicles have instant torque so the second you press down on the gas pedal you’re going to get the immediate torque. And I think most people realize that electric motors create peak torque at 0 rpm. So if you stand still and you press on the gas, you are getting the most amount of torque your car can produce immediately, and that’s a really fun thing especially for these low powered cars because typically in low-power currency you don’t get that to work until higher rpm and you never really feel the sensation of acceleration. But one of the things I think people don’t think about with immediate torque at 0 rpm is that’s how long you actually spend in the lower speeds and so I did a 50 miles approximately fuel economy course which I take all these vehicles in and that’s mostly highway and yet even though it’s mostly highway the majority of that drive my average speed is 35 to 40 miles an hour for the entire drive. So that have to time I’m spending under 35 miles an hour and that’s when electric vehicle actually gonna be fun to drive because it’s got punch accelerations got all that torque immediately available the second you put your foot down which gives it you know, it’s fun like here I am at 30 MPH, I put my foot down I could hear one of the tire start to spend. You not gonna get that in an economy car and this has similar power to those all that torque.

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Maintenance - the incredibly low maintenance (tire rotations and cabin filter changes)

Number 2 is maintenance and this is a big one. With an electric car there’s no engine oil change, oil filter. There’s no engine air filter and often there’s no transmission fluid change either. No spark plugs, no exhaust system and in this league I haven’t found anywhere in the owners manual sync to flush the coolant system. The only required maintenance on this Leaf seems to be a tire rotation, cabin air filter change an brake fluid change as well as visual inspections. All of which apply to internal combustion cars as well.

Really you only wear items are your tires wiper, blades and brake pads. And as far as the brake pads are concerned, most of your braking will be done by the electric motors – regenerating energy for the battery, so the brake pads will last significantly longer than non-hybrid gas cars. For low maintenance standpoint, there’s really no question which technology superior and on the top of batteries most modern electric cars come with 8 year warranties – guaranteeing sufficient battery life for those 8 years.

Efficiency - about 3x the efficiency of an ICE vehicle

Number three I wanna talk about efficiency. Because it’s kind of like mind blowing how much more efficient electric cars are versus internal combustion cars. I was reading a study out of tribology international and according to that study, 33% of the energy in an internal combustion engine goes out. The exhaust 1/3 of energy created gone out the exhaust.

With the electric car you’re instantly eliminating that. You’ve got that 33% gain because you don’t have an exhaust, you are not just sending out energy as heat out of the tailpipe.

Now according to the same study, electric cars also have 50% less friction losses than internal combustion cars, so the energy savings is huge. Here I was reading on fueledeconomy.gov that electric cars are 3 times as efficient as internal combustion cars. So if you think about the amount of money you’re speding to propel your car, three times more of that money is being used to propel your current electric car Vs. an internal combustion car. Or you can think of it as from the grid to the wheels, it takes 3 times less energy to move an electric car from one spot to another than it does in internal combustion cars. That’s just crazy like it’s a huge difference in efficiency, and that’s really cool you know.

The convenience of charging 

The affordability of leasing an electric car.

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5 reasons to buy an electric cars
5 reasons to buy an electric cars

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