Tesla Model S demonstration: Official walkthrough of Tesla Electric car

Tesla very excited to get you on the road. Before do that, we want to get you started on the right foot with just a couple of the Model S's most important functions.

To kick things off with the model S key. We’ll do an overview of all the openings in trunk space in the car and then we’ll move onto charging, show you how to get set up for that.

Let’s get started with the Key. Right on the front, there’s a Tesla logo and there’re 3 buttons hidden along the top.

The first right around the windshield as for the front trunk. And to open that all I need to do is click twice.

Next up is button for the trunk, about 2/3 the way back and 2 click with the pop of the trunk.

If you have the tech package automatic they will open all the way.

You can press it once to interrupt that and 2 click to close it again.

There’s a button on the roof to unlock/locked the doors. Press it twice to unlock and present the door handles or via the tech package you can enable auto-presenting door and just walk up the car, they present themselves and you can get it.

You can lock it with the same button, just a single click and you can also press and hold to lower all the windows.

Since we open the trunk with the key earlier, all we need to do is lift off. You can also do it from the touchscreen. And there’s a hidden button right down here. Just 5.3 cubic feet of space - aplenty room for your clear bags of front. And then there’s also went to wiper fluid that you can fill up if you need to. Of course the car will warn you if it starts running low.

To close, all I need to do is pulled her down until it meets the latch, placed your hand on either side of the logo here, and lean until it click.

It’s important when you close the front trunk: use a firm but gentle pressure.

Now let’s take a look at the trunk.

There’re 3 ways to open the trunk. With the key as I mentioned before; the Touchscreen and there’s also a button right above the license plate. If you have the tech package the trunk opens automatically. You also then get this button here, you can use to close the trunk or remember the heights at.. To do that, just pull the trunk down at your desire height and then press and hold the button until it beeps. At that points, it remember that height setting. And you can open and close, it will always stop at this position.

There’s also as switch underneath here, great if you have the rear facing concedes. And if you have those, they actually store flat in the form that they form it up. If not, this becomes additional storage space.

We’ve already got 46.3 cubic feet space, but I said something a little bit out of the way.

All Tesla Model S electric car come with the Mobile connector and an adapter for public charging station.

The Mobile connectors are nice and lightweight and allows you to plug into 120 or 240 V power. This is a regular 120V plug, not the fastest in the world but very convenient because you find these all over the place.

The swap adapters - just press the button right on top here pull it out and then you can plug in the other adapter – Put the Tesla T on top slide in place until it clicks. Plug it into the wall first to get charging.

Another plug into the wall – all I need to do is press this button on top here. It’s pop the charge port open – a led white here so you can see at night and then you just plug in. It will turn blue initially and that’ll turn flashing green as the stars to charge. If it stays blue little longer, it’s probably heating the cool battery, prepared for charging.

The flashing green was actually flash faster one state a charge is low as it fills up gradually slow down and the go solid green.

You can also see the charging status on instrument panel on the car’s unlocked. You will see the Voltage, the Current level, the speed at which it’s charging in miles and the total miles available. If you lock the car and walk away from it, the green flashing light will eventually go away so it doesn’t attract attention.

If your car is equipped for supercharging, everything works the same as what I just showed you and you don’t need to bring equipment with you. You just plug in and you’ll notice that a charge as much faster. It turns very quickly for the first half for the battery. Little gradually taper off as the battery starts to fill up. For this reason, you don’t need to fill it up all the way on a supercharger. You can discharge very quickly for as much as you need to get to the next supercharger or your destination.

There’s no harm in stopping in charge midway or starting a charge midway. It’s actually most practical to just plug in the car when you get home, let it charge while you’re sleeping at night and unplug it when you’re ready to go in the morning.

When you are ready to unplugin, all I need to do is holding this button here, pull out the connector, close the charger port and ready to go.

Since we have the charge port open now, let’s take a look at public charging station adapters.

Public charging stations typically have a plug just like this. I’m including adapter for Model S, and plug it right on the end of it. Then plug it directly to the Model S.

Now, let’s take a look at the door handles and a few things on a show in the back seat swap.

You saw the door handles with the key earlier and the go back in on their own if you drive off, lock the car or just let it sit for about a minute, you can open back up again as long as the doors unlocked by pressing in the door handles like this and then you open it just a little toll.

Let’s take a look at a few things inside the car.

Since the rear door handles are fully electric, we’ve included a mechanical release on either side below the seats. You can pull those inward just by lifting up a small carpet flap.

Fall down 60 – 40 and all I need to do is release a small mechanical lever back here pull it down and you get 50% 8.1 cubic feet of space. Another cover the outside of the car, you’ll notice that the screen powers on as soon as you open the door.

I like to go over the steering wheel controls in instrument panel, on the left side mostly covers media so we can skip, forward and back between tracks with the top and bottom buttons. We can go up and down the volume using the scroll wheel and we can also click on a scroll wheel to pause or mute a certain audio track.

We can also click and hold on the scroll wheel to choose what we want to see on the left side of the instrument panel. You scroll down and see energy, see the energy usage. We can also see trip information and navigation if we had a route.

If we had a route, it would automatically populate this left side, we can always come back to one of these previous ones.

To start the car, all I need to do is press the brake pedal, it’s already know that I’m here because of position sensor in the seat. So I press the brake, it flips over the center screen gives me some light on top for warning lights and then show me my speed on the left side.

Again in the middle with that large 0 show how much range to have available and on the right side we see how much energy we consume instantaneously. So right now, it’s an orange line right around zero, as we accelerate that orange line builds up and shows how much you’re consuming, when you regenerate, when you lift off from the accelerate pedal. It will also show you how much is going back on your battery.

And if I need emergency brake while driving for whatever reason, you can just press and hold and that’ll actuate the emergency brake.

On the right side, we have voice control in the top button. So I can press and hold on this and tell the car to navigate to a location. I can also ask you to play a certain track. So if I wanted to do that, I would press and hold and then say something that I would do.

I can also initiate a phone call directly which choosing phone and I can use my recent calls or contacts. I can scroll through all my recent calls, I can go back by pressing the menu button again, choosing contacts and then I can scroll through my entire directory in alphabetical order.

Now let’s move on the touch screen. The touch screen is divided into 4 distinct areas. There’s a bar across the top. It’s always stationary, and to start with, there’s a status bar. You have the temperature, a shortcut to the charging menu, home link, driver controls, a shortcut to what version you’re looking at, the Bluetooth menu, the cars 3G signal, time, and whether the passenger airbag  is on or off. Let’s go through those one by one.

Take a look at the charging menu. The Charging menu shows you how many miles are available on the car, give you a visual representation that, allows you to choose between standard and max-range mode. Standard mod is 85% the battery’s charge. This is good for day-to-day life. It’s great for long-term battery life, to stay away from the extreme levels at the battery. But if you gonna take a long trip the next day, it’s a good idea to charge to max-range mode. Max-range mode will charge the car to a 100%, that fills in all the way. It’s little bit bad for the long term life, but it gives you the full range of the car. And it’ll stay in that mode for about 3 days unless you set it back at a notification remind you to switch back to standard mode.

The car automatically knows what to charge at depending on what is plugged into. You can also open the charge port directly from here, just a quick tap.

Cars equipped for the tech package have home like available. You can create a new home link just by adding in a name, press create home link and then the car a walking through the instructions to set that up.

You can also set a driver profile from there. First click on Drive profile setting, add a name, create profile and then it create that profile for you, and allow you to adjust your seating position and then save on its top. Within the profile, you can see what saved by pressing right here and I’ll show you that it’s more than just seat controls. It saves your lights, lock setting, your maps, your units a format, climate control, a number of different things. So the car remembers how you like it.

By pressing the Tesla T logo here, you can see what version software you are on, see the release notes for that latest software, the VIN number for the car.

Next is Bluetooth when you press on the Bluetooth symbol here. We can search for our phone. Open your phone and make sure it is discoverable. Then press Start Search, it’ll find your phone. Choose your phone, and press on it. It will ask the code and your car will connect with your phone.

You’ll see media and then phone is brought up. You can jump directly to either media on your phone. But note that your phone contacts will take a little while to load, especially if you have a lot of them on the phone. We’ll skip over that for now. I’m jumping that the phone settings later.

This bar on the bottom is also stationary. There’s a shortcut to the control menu and some heating and ventilation controls will cover later. Let’s take a look at as menu here. You’ll see there are a lot of different things we can control the car directly from the touch screen.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at this roof glass. We can open it here, I can drag it down to open it a certain amount and I can also control just by dragging the image here.

Let’s have a look at the driving. In this, you can choose the height for the suspension although its automatic for normal use a little lower itself. At highway speed if you have the air suspension option but you can then choose a higher very high setting for instance over steep driveway.

The jack button just disable that so that if you are changing a tire. It’s not an automatically tracked level itself.

Traction control allows you to turn off the tracks control for the rear wheels. The stability control stay on but it allows you to have a little bit of fun with the car. Of course that’s going to use up some air time so we recommend you keep that on.

Progenitor breaking allows you to lower the amount of force you get when you lift off from the accelerator pedal.

Driving in standard is great. It’s much more efficient and mimic more what you would feel in a manual transmission car when you left the accelerator pedal. For someone, it’s used to an automatic. Maybe the low setting is better for them, but you should know that it’s a little bit less efficient, you will get less energy back winning slow down by leading off the accelerator pedal.

He also have a choice on whether you want what we call creep on or off. That’s also mimic an automatic transmission on, and you release the break pedal. The car will crawl forward or backward depending of which gear you are in.

Next up we will jump into the trips tab. You can see how much energy you use since the last charge and the distance that you’ve traveled. And what the energy per mile has been.


You also have 2 different trip meters you can set independent of that. An A or a B trip, much like you would have in a normal car. Accept these also save your energy usage, the total energy and the average energy per mile.

Let’s jump into the display. With the displays, you can choose the brightness for the day or night mode by sliding scale up or down. You can also choose day or night mode independently or leave it to an automatic settings so that the sensors in the car alternative to day or night mode depending on how bright it is outside.

Next with the braking power off  -  Here you can control your parking brake independently and this button also turns red and turns into an emergency brake while you are driving. But remember that the button on the gear selector for park is also emergency brake if you press and hold.

You can also use this to turn off the parking brake to leave the car free rolling in a situation such as a car washer somewhere else or where you may want the car to be free rolling. To do that, press the blue button here while your foot is on the brake pedal. That will disable the parking brake and then you can power of the car by pressing this button here. Then when you get out, it won’t automatically put the car into park. The car will give you a quick warning and then you can power off.

In order to turn the car back on, all you need to do is hoppin, press on the brake for touch on the touch screen and then you can press here – the Parking Brake button.

On the bottom we have access to open the front or rear trunk; lock/unlock the doors and open the charge port. On the right side, we have dawn light settings. We can turn the ambient lights on or off; turn the daytime running lights on or off; fog lights if you have those, and then you also had light settings which you can sleep.

Remember that you always have a hazard lights on this button right here, and one of the cool things as you can actually see a representation of the lights that are on the screen directly.

Next, we can take a look at the setting tab. Under this, we can take a look at our media player accounts. We can also look at our maps and navigation, magnification as opposed to zoom which is a little different. And also set the home page for a web browser.

We also have access for driver profiles which we discussed earlier in the status bar. We also have access to units and format. You can set distance to mile or kilometer, your time to 12 or 24 hour format, temperature for Fahrenheit or Celsius, charging unit to show distance or energy while you’re driving the car, and also your range this way whether you want rated which is the EPA rating or ideal which is closer to a 55 mile-an-hour crews.

Next is the Vehicle controls. You can adjust whether you like the doors to lock while you drive, the child protection lock for the rear doors. You can also set with the tech package walk-away door locking, what do you like the door handle auto-present. You can also turn mirror auto on or off, turn the alarm on or off, you can choose what you like the headlights to stay on for 2 minutes after exit and you can also turn on range mode which lowers the output of the air conditioning heater, and will turn on seat heaters for 

Tesla Model S demonstration: Official walkthrough of Tesla Electric car
Tesla Model S demonstration: Official walkthrough of Tesla Electric car

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