KerbalGalaxy 3



You Need KopernicusModule ManagerTextureReplacer and Instantiator Without these mods it might NOT WORK!




(If you have an old version, delete it and install it from scratch.)

1- Download and install Kopernicus, ModuleManager, TexureReplacer and Instantiator for your game version.


2- Download the "(1.7.x) V1.1 KerbalGalaxy 3" and drop "GameData" in your folder "KerbalSpaceProgram.


3- Download the "KG3 Textures" and drop "GameData" in your folder "KerbalSpaceProgram.


4- Enter the folder in the root of your game in the folder "GameData/INSTANTIATOR" and delete the file "ExampleConfig.cfg" IF YOU DO NOT, THE MOD WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY!

5- Enjoy


or you can watch a video tutorial on how to install it





Artyomka15 by the creation of the original mod.

Olympic1 by the update of the mod plugin.

Our Benefactors(AR3S) by the help with Kopernicus.

-Gameslinx by help with scatterer


Do you have any ideas for KG3, know details of future updates or report a bug or error?




KerbalGalaxyAstronomersVisualPack(Coming Soon)

Endurance (from Interstellar) Continued

Scatterer(Almost fully compatible) 

PlanetShine(Almost fully compatible)

Distant Object Enhancement (Fully Compatible)



File Name Status Version Downloads Date
(1.7.x) V1.1 KerbalGalaxy 3 R 1.7.3 +3 3 01/09/2019
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7.5 Updating 1.7.5 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7.4 Updating 1.7.4 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7.3 Updating 1.7.3 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7.2 Updating 1.7.2 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7.1 Updating 1.7.1 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.7 Updating 1.7 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.6.1 Updating 1.6.1 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.6.0 Updating 1.6.0 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.5.1 Updating 1.5.1 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3 1.5 Updating 1.5 Updating Updating
KerbalGalaxy 3
KerbalGalaxy 3

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