Tesla Motors – The future of Electric cars

Tesla MotorsThe future of Electric cars

This man has a vision to create the best electric cars ever seen and consigned gasoline to history. He want to build his unprecedented Tesla Car in a futuristic new factory and trigger an electric transport revolution. It’s a dream many of her but not a realize – MEGA factories supercars.

Alum body work, 19 inch alloys, under $50,000 price tag – at first glance, this car is the latest in a long line of high-end sedans, but that is where the similarities end. The Model S is a totally different type of car. Tesla believe it can lead a revolution and changed the face of Motoring forever.

It’s the first ever must made premium sedan run purely by electricity, designed to have speed and range and not a drop of gas.

Model S ability - Tesla Electric car

Tesla Model S Electric Range, compare to competitor

Elon Musk: “our goal is to create an electric car that is the best car in the world and show that‘s what electric car can be”

Tesla’s goal is to kill off the combustion engine and proved the electric car has finally has finally come of age. “Driving gasoline cars gonna feel like yesterday. Driving this car is future” – This is Elon Musk – Tesla’s co-founder and CEO.

Elon is an inventor and a maverick entrepreneur, one of America’s youngest billionaires. Like it’s pouring like technology. I like creating things that have never been seen before, even imagined before.

He’s a genuine Silicon Valley success story. In the mid-nineteen nineties Elon setup a small internet company by 2002, he sold Paypal for $1.5 Billion. Next, he founded private rocket company space X. It’s all part of Elon’s life mission.

“When I was in college, I tried think about what are the areas that would most affect the future of humanity. So the 3 things with the internet making, multi planetary, sustainable energy. So that’s what really ties together. My company’s just kind of thought from 20 year ago.”

Tesla Motors is Elon’s sustainable energy brainchild. Named after electric power pioneer Nikola Tesla. It’s a car company that only makes totally electric vehicles. No hybrid, an alternative fuels absolutely no tailpipe.

The company estimates their electric cars caused 50% less CO2 even if much of the electricity comes from coal power plant. Its technology Elon and co-founder JB Straubel believe we need. “We are solving problems for our children, our grandchildren. Oil is a finite resource and eventually we have to find alternatives”. “When taking oil out of the ground, it’s extremely dangerous, we should not play Russian roulette with the atmosphere. We only got one”

Tesla’s founders have a vision of a world without gasoline cars. They are convinced Electric is not only cleaner but better. That matter now they want to prove it to the world. They believe their cars can trigger a transport revolution and bring electric motoring to the masses. “What we’re doing here at Tesla can have amazing impact. Revolutionize the auto industry and make every car on the road electric. That’s our end goal”

The Model S is to lead their revolution. It’s to be an electric car unlike any other. Family sedan that can go from 1-100 in under 6s, and further on a single charge than any other electric production guys.

Model S electric cars is designed to match the top gasoline competitors. Elon: “with Model S, we’re picking the next level full-size sedans competing the premium segment. Along with a BMW or an Astronaut”

But the car is only the beginning. Such a revolutionary vehicle demands a revolutionary factory. Tesla need to create an unprecedented state of the art facility from scratch.

Elon brings in Gibert as head of manufacturing. Gilbert is an expert from one of Toyota’s award-winning plants in Canada. “He has description my job to me was very stressful. You know, you’re gonna create the best factory in the world, was the best people in the world and make the best premium car sedan. And I said ok. That’s way I started at Tesla” – Gilbert (Vice president of manufacturing Tesla)

The company purchased a former GM and Toyota resides in Fremont California on the edge of Silicon Valley. The abundant facility is a traditional car factory. Little natural light bare concrete walls.

When Tesla Motors first moves in, it’s the birth of Mega manufacturing. It’s a totally fresh approach to come manufacturer. The rules and laws are painted white. The Machinery are striking red. Skylights and windows flood the factory with sunlight.

This make the factory pristine and lean. That sets the tone for the vehicles. You want at that same sense of quality and precision in the car itself.

As part of the whole company stocks, bikes are provided so the workers can get around the factory. “I think it’s important to have an environment where people look forward to coming to work. So it’s worth putting some effort into making the factory beautiful” – Elon Musk.

In Silicon Valley style, the fill the space with the most advanced technology, creating an automated production line capable of building tens of thousands of kernels.

The factory designed to be up there with the very best in the world. We love Engineering. “We love beautiful machines, we love technology. We love innovate high technology and also in manufacturing. We out to do that”.

We now training very sophisticated robots are useful. They all needed to be told before they can run tasks automatically. Every robot is programed by hand. The Tesla team has meticulously trained one hundred and thirty sophisticated robots. 

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Tesla Motors – The future of Electric cars
Tesla Motors – The future of Electric cars

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