Everything We Know about Tesla Model 3 electric car

Today topic is about the favorite technology company – Tesla and their latest product – Model 3 Electric car. In this post, we will learn what the Model 3 is going to be about, everything that we know and this is not be some conjectures facts from the CTO or the CEO’s mouth. So think about the Model 3 things to know, it was more affordable car, $35,000 before incentives depending on what state you live on obviously full electric with the range of 200 miles. It’s a mass-market car, match for every body.

Depending on where you live, you could have been with $10,000 taken off that price. You could get in the car for as low as $25,000.

Elon Musk must described as a competitor to the Model 3 series and more recently described as compared to the Audi A4 – so small sedan.

From the Model S and Model X, you seen the 2 of those look very different. Speaking of the Model S and the Model X, the Model 3 should be called The Model E. So that Tesla could be called Sexy company.

So, about the technology is going into the car. This week CTO JB Straubel said it’s going to be sure the next-generation technology from Tesla. Wether that means battery technology, next-generation autopilot, supporting technology. We don’t know.

Tesla has been one of the early pioneers who getting it to market of self- driving technologies. We can get the autopilot giving try or seen it. It’s ridiculously awesome. They had a tone it down so much gougous. You kind of can falling asleep in the car and taking pictures while the car driving themselves.

Obviously though the lesser price of car’s technology might not make it. If you think you don’t know, it’s supperchaging is gonna be enabled. Tesla currently has a probrietary techonology to charge their cars super fast and easy. You can re-charge your car within 20 minutes. Time probably less than it take you to run into the bathroom, did your business and come back out to the car.

Question I had those is how can Tesla – seems a small startup company from Silicon Valley do while other car manufactories haven’t been able to do yet.

General Motors (GM) has the Bolts come around to the scene which has 200 miles range would be a pretty competitive car.

The Model S is different though. The Super charging technology behind it, Tesla doing their own factory to get the cost per kilowatt of lithium-ion battery down. So that the Model 3 electric car can come to market at such a low price.

GM can afford to take a loss in the car, can build the ball at the lesse price

Everything We Know about Tesla Model 3 electric car
Everything We Know about Tesla Model 3 electric car

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