All things to know about Tesla Model 3 electric car

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In this post we have a lot of news to go through this week. It’s busy week and we have a lot of stories just Tesla alone. So I think we will start there and get that out of the way.

The biggest news out of that was that Elon Musk in particular said that the initial production day for the Model 3 which had been 7/2017 is impossible and he doesn’t think they can possibly meet that. But he did have some pretty audacious demands. He says that they’re hoping to build 500,000 cars per year starting in 2018. By the way of comparison they build 50,000 cars last year – Just a tenfold increase in just over 3 year and when they got a really huge factory, there was gonna probably true.

But send it out to miss you too can ramp up that quickly? The reason he says that the meeting the deadline is impossible is because they’re simplifying the Model 3. It’s construction is going to be a little bit simpler. It should fly off the line faster than the Model S and Model X. But part of that is likely that they have to do a lot of retooling. Because Model S and Model X electric car are very similar. Building those 2 cars there’s a lot of serious. But if they’re going to be making it a lot simpler, they are probably a god chance that a lot of that time leading up to it is going to be getting tooled up and figuring out how to build this thing.

 Production deadline for Model 3 is impossible?

Production deadline for Model 3 is impossible?

And of course they’re going to Giga Factory and running as well. That’s already well under way they did give us some pictures of any two long ago which when completed will be the biggest single building in the world. In terms of square footage is pretty impressive. But that’ll be producing more batteries than any country in the world. When it’s up to speed, so there’s a lot of moving pieces that need to come together before they can produce as many cars. But they’ve obviously got a lot of course to build. There somewhere in the pre-order of 400,000 for the Model 3. Both my wife and my mother-in-law also pre order to model 3. It’s gonna be 2-3 to my family and anybody that you know pre-order one?

No one talked to me about it, but I’m pretty sure that a couple of people friends have the priority credit away. Keeping it on the DL. Well, I certainly going to be exciting why should we go forward in taking a look inside the Tesla factory. So stay tuned for that, it will give you more details, may have some things I line up there. Let’s move on to the next Tesla term, which is also on the Model 3. Elon Musk confirm that it will have a Ludicrous mode on Twitter this week and his response was “of course the Model 3 will have the mode.

On the model S and Model X, Ludicrous mode business make some changes to the electronic circuity in the car, allows it to suck more power out the batteries more quickly and take the car 0-60 quicker on both cars. But it’s a $10,000 option on those cars. And I think that might be a little bit too much for the model. Are you think they will discount a little bit of the cheaper car.

I’m not a hundred percent sure. I mean it depends on how much those components cost really and it really just depends on how I think part of it is that things like Ludicrous mode can’t really be great for the battery and maybe you put it behind a pay high enough, people will get it for then 5-10 years down the line you have a whole bunch of Model 3 complaining about the battery life on their car is less. So you give that option to people who probably have enough money to buy in there will probably be moved on to another car in 5 years whereas those people who plan on keeping them on Model 3 for the long haul. Maybe the battery with a little more respect.

That’s really good point and also Tesla electric vehicles basically dealing with a lot of maintenance and warranty related issues so that certainly wants you try to keep those a minimum as a condition of putting a high price on something like this. That may be able to more damaging to be a pretty good but hopefully keep the warranty claims down. But one of the many questions about the Model 3. We go forward, download. But again, it’s a $10,000 option on the SGX.

We also got a new details this week on the Model S – a little bit of an upgrade. It’s now available with a 75 KWH battery pack over the base 70 KWH.

 Tesla bring 75 kWh battery to Model S

Tesla bring 75 kWh battery to Model S

This will give you up to about 250 miles of estimated range from about 240 miles on 70 KWH. But the really interesting thing is that all Model S that have a 70 are actually offering with our shipping should see our packs and it’s a software unlock to go from 70 to 75 in 2012 to little bit disingenuous or is it just …

That’s definitely things little more disingenuous. I mean, again battery pack a day never really fully discharger or fully charged up, just that you can maintain a part of the life. You never really getting the full 100% of the battery’s charge capacity. But it give a little bit different disingenuous. Did not really let people know that they’ve had more battery than.

I can see both sides of the equation because Tesla was already doing it with autopilot. Which every model S and X they sell these days has the ability to run on auto pilot, that has all the sensors it needs to be able to do that. But that’s a $3,000 unlock and basically flipping a switch to turn it. So that’s not the end of the world. I can see that and I can see how it would be some cost savings and reductions simplicity for Tesla to take a minimum in every car. But it’s interesting to me though and I’, waiting to see what the backlash is like that people are driving around in the car, but they’re not able to tap into.

It was like that double-edge sword of the sort of everything about a Tesla software upgradeable. It seems like we’re as you start getting into a world where your car has my car.

They just seem all weird especially you can imagine a situation where you are sitting on the side of the road and you’re out of charge. But Alex is gonna kill one hour sitting in their or you can pay me $3,000 and you’ll get to the concert on time.

And final Tesla story this week – Tesla posted a demonstration of their tested Bioweapon Defense Mode – HEPA filter. If you unfamiliar with this. It’s basically a set of filters that are available in the Model S and Model X. They demonstrated that by putting it inside of a bubble put in a car. Instead of a bubble in filling, it was 2.5 micrometer particles of something and within a few minutes, the car filtered all the melody into the cabinet was clean after that. In fact after that, it begin to clean up the rest of the bubble itself. And I don’t know how good of it is, it’s so hard to visualize a 2.5 micrometer particle.

Tesla realse Bioweapon defense mode HEPA

Tesla anounced its tested Bioweapon Defense Mode HEPA filter

We don’t really know what sort of particle it is. But I think the interesting thing here is that it is a weapon mood is definitely a method of marketing. But the thing that’s interesting sort of pointing out is that in areas where there’s a lot of pollution in the air (like Beijing China) this is sort of good stuff. If we can clean this amount of air and you are not going to have any problem driving around. In markets like China where the air is known for polluted. It’s like how in pickup trucks commercial. They sold the space shuttle so you definitely can tell your boss. This is the same thing for sort of pollution in market particularly.

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All things to know about Tesla Model 3 electric car
All things to know about Tesla Model 3 electric car

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