How to Drive an Electric Car

This Video will give you advice on Driving an Electric Car. Of course driving an Electric Vehicle will be different from a custom car. So take a look at this video to find out the effective way to handle your EV.

So we have to start the engine on – what we should have done really one touching. You can do it which mobile phone or something like that. It will make the temperature suitable when you get on the car.

Then take off the hand-brake and we will off the street.

There are alot of beautiful features about Electric cars. Let take a look at 3 considerable characters of it.


Every time you step on your car's brakes, you're wasting energy. Physics tells us that energy can not be destroyed. So when your car slows down, the kinetic energy that was propelling it forward has to go somewhere. Most of it simply dissipates as heat and becomes useless.

In the combustion car, that energy, which could have been used to do work, is essentially wasted. But in Electric cars, that energy will used to recharge the car’s battery. So when you go up the hill, car uses the energy from its’s battery, when you coming down the hill, you will get some of that power back to your battery.

Free Fuel

When drive an electric car, you can check places where you can charge free like service station, super market, shopping center, hotels. All these type of places will let you charge for free. So how do you think? Save a bund of money - huh?

Is it right for you?

As a lot of people out there, you can save your money and experienced the lovely car. Specially, you will never have to go to the Gas Station.

So, if you want more information, go to #Electric Car at

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How to Drive an Electric Car
How to Drive an Electric Car

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