Tesla Model 3 Hidden Details

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Today we’re going to talk about the Tesla Model 3 and some hidden details of this electric car. Let’s take a look at some exterior shots of the vehicle you’ll see that they had 3 prototypes on display multicultural silver in a matte grey finish Franz Hartz and his design team at Tesla did a fantastic job of the Model 3. It’s a great combination of Model S, Model X, little bit of roadster, some would say little bit front end of Porsche, but overall this is a stunner of a vehicle. The Interior of Model 3 is very simple, simplistic, very modern. This is ostensibly, I think long term has to do a lot with the Tesla driver for much more advanced auto pilot self-driving technology. Model 3 also features single pane of glass on the rear, you can see there that it got a crossmember across the top where the panoramic roof would normally start.

There’s a lot of discussion about what Tesla will do about the door handles on the Model 3 and you can see here that they went with a sort of an Aston Martin take design. We push it back, they had a pop so grab on it, open it up to protect head to door handle styles that both operated the same way the other homes on the macro vehicle and it had Model S shaped door handles. But we were told that is and earlier prototype and the ones that will ship on the vehicles are the one you just saw here in the clip. One of the Tesla managed to capture a little bit of a video of the interior door handle. They are not leavers their buns embedded in the grab handles. We’re not too sure with this will make the final cut, but it’s interesting to note that they put in petitioner prototypes.

-       Horizontal screen is final

-       HVAC system details…

-       Roof options: metal fixed glass and panoramic options.

-       Prototypes had dual motors

-       Screen is standard

-       IP – Instrument panel

The Trunk in Model 3

Trunk opens on the model 3, there’s been a lot of discussion as to why they went with a trunk instead of a house back like on the Model S and I believe it really has to do with a large piece of glass. They couldn’t put a hinge at the top right meets the panoramic roof. It would just cause the opening at the back to lift too high so they didn’t really have much of a choice. They really had to do a trunk on this vehicle.

Again, here’s a shot of the large glass of the back. You can see with a hinge would have had to bend to make it a list back. It was just been too big. Someone managed to grab a couple pictures of the front. It’s obviously a little bit smaller than the Model S, but still adequate.

Now, let’s take about some of the stuff that I found during the review all especially during the part where Elon started talking about the safety of vehicles. It’s interesting that behind him was projected a large 3d CAD rendering of how the Model 3 is assembled and built and I was able to slow the video down very carefully and I’m going to point out some of the interesting parts of the vehicle.

Let’s first take a look at the battery. Model S and Model X both use a Panasonic 18650 battery cell that’s been modified to Tesla specifications. It’s been mentioned before by Elon that Tesla would use larger battery cells for the Model 3 in order to keep the cost down on the vehicle. We don’t know exact size but counting in this video, you can clearly see that the cell sizes are much larger and it’s one of the modules Model 3 has 8 battery modules arranged lengthwise and this is different from Model S and Model X – they use 14 modules and their range sideways.

You can see here in the video that they front and rear drive trains for Model 3 are on sub-aseemblies suspension parts.

Just like Model S, you can see that the motor transmission and drive inverter all packed together between the rear axle. Black elements located here in the doors seem to indicate where the events are for the interesting new HVAC system that they have. In here you can see the location of the 12 V battery and just below that is front drive motor and it’s tucked in very tightly inside. There are 3 of the prototypes features a new wheel designs. Happened to like this one a lot so I took it upon myself to ask Elon  if they were going to make it to production and he confirmed it.

Model 3 now features the same front end as Model 3. I expect Model S to get this refresh eventually this is the new design language at Tesla. The nose cone on the Model S was put there originally so to keep the car looking relatively normal until Tesla is essentially established that the cars are popular. There’s no need to have a large grill on the front of the vehicle as would a gasoline-powered vehicle. Now they removed it seems to be some controversy as to whether people like it or not but I’ll get used to it because it’s here to stay.

The center console of Model 3 features 2 USB ports and I think that’s a vent their Model 3 with the Mac refinished featured wood trim on the dash. None of the others had that so we expect it to be probably and option.

Well, that’s about all the information we have for the time being. Sometime next year we should be able to get some more information from Tesla because there’s a lot of work to get this car finished into production by the end of next year.

<iframe width="100%" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Qr2FaDh-Hlg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Tesla Model 3 Hidden Details
Tesla Model 3 Hidden Details

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