Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt - The Race of the electric car

 As he mentions in a vblog before, that Chevy Volt could be the first mass-produced electric car that wasn’t underpowered not the Tesla model 3 and you guys were right I actually miss taken the Chevy Volt for another car which is a hybrid car. We don’t have Chevrolet over here in Australia, we have Holden instead, which makes completely different cause.

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My analysis on the advent of electric cars for the masses with Chevrolet getting involved everything changes in essence. The race for the electric involves an established industry giant. This is an innovative startup, is actually a strange twist to this emerging story. But we’ll get to that later.

Said grab the popcorn things could get very interesting over the next few years

All right, let’s take a look at what’s going on ladies and gentlemen. Meet the 2017 Chevrolet bold EV (Electric Vehicle) pulled ed is truly the first TV  that cracks the code of long-range at an affordable price. I have no doubt that the auto industry will change more in the next five to ten years. But it has in the last 50.

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Let’s look at the specs. we don’t have much information so we really have this the range and the acceleration. For the Chevy boat, we have 200 miles (~322km)  of range and just 7s to accelerate  0 – 60MPH (0 – 100KPH)

Chevy Volt range

And for the Tesla Model 3, we have 250 miles (346km) of range and just under 6s to accelerate 0-60MPH/0-100 KPH.

Tesla Model 3


It seems like the boat has the jump on the Model 3 for production. Chevy said that the bowl go into production later this year. The retail availability might be 2017. Production for the Model 3 is much harder to tall. Tesla promise of production in late 2017 but there’s already been huge demand with over 270,000 pre-orders. So the question is: Can they deliver?

Tesla Model 3 Production

Tesla Model 3 Production

Brand Image

Both companies have established significantly different brand reputations. Tesla Model S and model X is seen as a luxury car maker, but they had to do this in order to get to the mass market phase. The mottoes quickly became the car of choice. The types like Silicon Valley executives and well off tech enthusiasts. The Model 3 will benefit from this reputation.

Chevy can boast many more years of experience but in terms of brand this experience might not necessarily work. In their favor, this time around given chevy broad-based appeal. Its mainstream buyers may find a too early to try an electric car regarding the ball as an early adopter of what I’ve heard and what I can gather most people expect Chevy cause to be affordable and not fancy that seems to be their brand image.


The big decided his price and there’s been a bit of confusion here because most people think that the Bolt is actually cheaper than the Model 3 but it’s actually the other way around when you take into account government incentives while the Bolt will be $30,000 with tax incentives factored in according to Motor Trend, the retail price will be $37,000. Mosque has repeatedly said that the Model 3 will be priced a $35.000 before incentives and with incentives ranging from $37.500 depending on your options. The price for the Model 3 could be as low as $20,000 in some real estate. This is the USN. Today we don’t have any information on how much it will cost in another country and frankly who knows.

Chevrolet Bolt 2017

A Different Attitude

The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk doesn’t see the Bolt as a competitor. He has previously talked about the desire for electric cars to succeed no matter who makes them. This philosophy has led to Moscow offering up Tesla Spain’s the companies to use in good faith in essence. More electric cars on the roads means more infrastructure for charging on the guy and also means the mainstream will become more comfortable with them. If the Bolt gains mass market acceptance this actually helps them on all three.

Tesla Model 3

“Are you worried at all that GM’s beating it to the market whit his upcoming Bolted next year? “”

You know I think if GM comes to market with compelling electric car, that’s great. They call of tears that from the beginning has been to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. So if GM or any other company comes out with compelling electric cars, that’s good for the world. And you know, where we would applaud them

The Plot Twist

So why don’t Chevrolet or any other car company make an electric car earlier? General motors actually did just this in 1996 as response to the California mandate that required automakers to have zero emission vehicles. Ready on the market by 1998. In response GM team rolled out the EV1, the first mass-produced electric car of the modern era. It wasn’t perfect and had a range of any jus 15 miles but it still did receive a devout following and maybe could have appeal to a wider demographic with subsequent improvement.

General Motors EV1

General Motors EV1 0-60MPH in 9s, range 15 miles

“General Motors put its new EV1 electric car on the market today in California and Arizona. 25 news reporter with us and Meyer has details for us in this report”

“It’s quiet and it can do 0-60MPH in 9s without polluting the environment. This is the EV1 – GM new all-electric car now available to consumers. Customers are already buying the EV1. Constants chestnuts she’ll be using first for work”.

GM’s lawyers are lobbying hard with other manufactures to get California to back down on the requirement. They succeeded right around the time when the EV was ready to hit the dealerships. California weakness mandate was leaving the legal pressure on the automakers to offer zero-emission cars. GM record the EV1 and took them all out to the desert and crush them ending the electric car as we know it. Well, until Tesla came along. So General Motors has gone full circle from being the ones to destroy the electric car, all the way to possibly being the first to sell them.

So pretty much at the end of the video buy just a couple of nights of my concern. There are some footnote about the wider economy that I should make. Right now we’re in a global deflation period, meaning that this less expandable wealthy consumers to spend and this will probably hurt the sell of both companies. In the United States, particularly there’s also a subprime borderline bubble which could also be dangerous for these companies if they take part in that. So many land all in all, I think we’re witnessing a big change in auto industry and maybe even witnessing a turning point in history. A time when we can look back and pinpoint the exact moment when the electric car really arrived. And it’s really a good thing, CO2 which is released from General Order Vehicles is very poisonous and even lethal at high concentrations. So if you wanna a CD, having 10 thousands of cars at putting this chemical day after day all around you can’t be good for your health or the environment. So it’s a good idea to mitigate such things where we can anyway.

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Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt - The Race of the electric car
Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt - The Race of the electric car

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