Tesla Unveils Model 3: Most Important Electric Car Yet

Elon Musk shows off Tesla's $35,000 sedan for the masses.

31/3/2016, Tesla Motor had an important event that introduce it's most important Electric Car - Model 3. Let take a look at this event.

MC: Good Evening everyone here and out there in the internet. I lead the design team here at Tesla and I'm excited to welcome you to the studio here in Hawthorne California. We are here tonight to talk about Model 3. We wouldn't be here without years of intense drive and passion for the total team and leadership on an unwavering mission. Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of all of my colleagues here at Tesla, it is my honor to welcome to the stage Mr. Elon Musk

Elon Musk: Hi everyone! Welcome everyone to the Model 3 Unveils. We have an amazing product to show you tonight. I just to start by talking about why we are doing this? Why We, Tesla make electric cars?, Why does it matter. It is because it's important to eccelerate the transition to sustainable transport. It is really important for the future of the world. We have record high CO2 level. We have recently passed over for a four-hundred-and-three parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. You can see that chart and it looks like a vertical line and is still climbing.

The last time it was this level of carbon concentration was eleven million years ago, was approximately when primate started walking upright. The world was very different, do not want to return to that situation. What that CO2 results in increasing temperature so we've already increased by 2 Degrees. In fact that doesn't tell the whole story because the extremes of temperature increase by as much as 20 degrees and that line is gonna keep going for sometime in the future. It's really important, it make a difference if we accelerate the transition to sustainable transport. Beyond to global warming this is the fact that combustion cars emit toxic gases and according to an MIT study, there are 53.000 deaths per year in the USA learn from Auto emissions.

So it stands for reason that if a vehicle is spewing toxic gas, that's obviously bad for your health. So to address this what we came up with the test though was Tesla the secret master plan. This is the first blog but I never wrote for the company and it was originally a three step – a trilogy that support by trilogy. We needed to figure out how could we as a tiny company with very few resources actually make a difference. And the only way to do this was to start small, to start with a low volume car with is why we started with the Tesla Roadster. Any new technology it takes multiple iterations and moderation. And it takes economies of scale or you can make it great and affordable. So step 1 was the Roadster. The Roadster with high price and low volume but what we’re really made a difference was that it showed people that you can make it compelling electric car. You could make a great electric car what was unique about Roadster was it was first really great electric car, and before the Roadster people thought electric car would be slow and ugly and lower range and have bad performance. And we had to break that mod. It was incredibly important to show that wasn’t true and so we made the roadster which is fast, beautiful, great performance. So thank you who bought the Roadster.

Do you interesting in 5 Reasons to buy an electric car ?

We only made 500 units here, that is all we really could made for Roadster. But it had a leveraged effect even though we were making very few cars. It actually had a huge leverage effect on the auto industry. But there was still a lot more to do and people are said: The Roadster is nice but it’s sort of a toy and it’s very expensive and you couldn’t really make a car that people would use every day or a car that could really compete against the great combustion sedan of the world. So that’s ok, we were gonna make the Model S.

Model S is great Sedan. It can seat up to 7 people, 5 adults and 2 kids. It’s tested by running track and others as the fastest four-door car in history ever and it is going great handling. It’s got great technology, it got things like autopilot and it really was rated by almost every group as the best part and by consumer reports as the best car ever.

It is not just 2 achieve some supportive in cars but to show what an electric car can do. Because nobody believed that electric car could do this. What was really important to show the car industry so well that electric car really can be the best car. That’s what really matter. And now I will extend the model flatform into Model X.

Both of these are very important because the revenue from the Model S and the X is what needed to develop the Model 3, which very high volume and all the engineering needed to achieve cost reductions and the capabilities that cost billions of dollars. So the S (model S) and the X (model X) or what pay for that model 3’s development – so for people who bought model S and model X – thank you for help making Model 3 – Model 3 is happening because of you.

Step 3 – the final step in the master plan which is a mass-market affordable car. It was only possible to do that after going through the prior steps. And we are here to show to you tonight.

Im gona describes some of the key aspects of the Model 3:

Model 3 is going to be incredibly safe car. We really believe that safety came first. We really care about you, we want you to be safe, we want your friends and family to be safe. This is paramount. The Model 3 will not just be five-stars averaged, but be five-star in every category.

Even the Model 3 will increase 0 to 60 miles an hour in less than 6 second – At Tesla we don’t make slow car (laughing).

Of course there will be versions of the Model 3 that go much faster. And in term of race, the race will be at least an EPA rating of children fifteen miles. I want to emphasize these are minimum numbers we hope to exceed them. It will also come standard with Autopilot hardware system. And auto pilot safety features will be present in every car that you don’t need to buy an option to order part. Safety feature will always be there.

The Model 3 also fits 5 adults comfortably. Comfortably is the important part here. But the challenge obviously is pulling a smaller car is how do you still make it comfortable with a bunch of people inside. So there are two important design steps we did with the Model 3 to achieve that.

-       One was to move the instant panel of the front wall. We move the front seat forward and compressed the front panel. You will sitting a little forward .

-       Like model S, it had front and rear trunk. It has more cargo capacity than any gasoline car from the same external dimensions. And yeah, you can actually ask this question: “can you put a seven-point long surfboard on the inside?”- the answer is yes, you can.

Then with the respect to supercharging, all Model 3 will come with supercharging standard. The reason supercharging is very important as many of you know is that it gives you freedom of travel. It means you can conveniently go where you want when you want and how you want. Bought a car it means freedom – go where we want to go.

And the SuperCharging ‘s critical to that. We were now at the point where we’ve built up to 3,600 supercharger worldwide. And about the same number of destination charges. That’s present day. By the end of next year we will double the number of super chargers and quadruple the number of destination charges. You will be able to go virtually anywhere and it backed because the on-board charger the Model S is able adapt to any countries voltage and amperage wherever you go in the world. If there’s electricity, you can charge.

So then what about buying and servicing? Where we are today with this we’ve got 215 locations in Asia, North American and Europe. And by the end of next year we expect to more than double that to 441 locations. The key point being almost no matter where you are in North America, Europe and or if you are near any even mid-size metro area, you will be able to buy a car and get your car services.

How we’re gonna make these cars?

We need to achieve high volume production, so this isn’t 2 parts: First there is the vehicle factory. A Fremont factory in the part has actually made almost 500,000 cars/year, so we’re confident that Tesla can achieve that number in future in term of vehicle production. I think that’s going to be a straightforward but very doable.

And then what about batteries. In order to produce 500,000 cars/year, we would actually need the same battery production. That’s why we are building the bigger factory. The recent pictures of the GIGAFACTORY is a vital element to give you a sense of scale GigaFactory will actually have the largest footprint of any building of any kind.

You can check out the inside GigaFactory here

Volumetricly it will only be second to the Boeing factory in Washington. So this is really quite an enormous facility. In fact, it will produce more batteries than all other factories in the world combined. And It also be producing the most advanced cell and battery in the world. So the combination of high volume with the most advanced technology is what enables us to make the Model 3 and it’s already operational today.

So when we delivery? – well, there is next year. So I do feel fairly confident that it will be next year.

In terms of price, well of course it’ll be $35,000. And I want to emphasize that even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car. You will not be able to buy better car for $35,000.

So do you want to see the car?

<iframe width="100%" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q4VGQPk2Dl8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Tesla Unveils Model 3: Most Important Electric Car Yet
Tesla Unveils Model 3: Most Important Electric Car Yet

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